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Explorist 400

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I know the Explorist 500 and 600 have nice color screens, and the 600 have the compass,


But for those of us who want the best bang for the buck under $300, the Explorist 300 might be the goods.


Can anyone post photo's of the screens of the 400. Im particularly interested in the readibility of the screen in sunlight, and how good the backlight is.


thanks in advance

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I almost bought the 400, but when I noticed how close the prices were between the 400 and 500, I had to have color. I am glad that I picked the 500 now. I can't believe I ever even considered the 400. :unsure: Just an opinion for you.

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I stiill see the price difference being $100 unless you guys are seeing better Explorist prices out there.


also still have to convince the wife its a good buy :-( I have a pocket pc with gps for geocaching at the moment, but worry about tramping out in the woods and possible damaging it, dropping it , getting it wet etc.

Im hoping to keep the pocket pc in the car and then use an explorist for the final on foot persuit to the cache.

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I stiill see the price difference being $100 unless you guys are seeing better Explorist prices out there.

Are you seeing 400 prices $100 less than the $279 price on the 500 I listed above?


Edit: or is it the case that Harmony is no longer honoring that special? (If so, I'll stop hawking it.)

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I see explorist 400 for $229 and Explorist 500 for $319

thats $90 more for just the color screen.


I havnt see that $279 price anywhere lately for the 500 model.

Click on Embra's link above to Harmony computer. It shows $279 and there is a big note at the top of the page that says all of our products are new and in stock unless otherwise noted. I don't see any note on the page saying its not in stock.

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Indeed, I've seen several posts from people that have gotten the unit (Explorist 500) from Harmony at the $279 price - including me.


You can put it in the cart, and it says it's in stock, so I would surmise that they're still honoring the price.



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