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What Is The Average Age Of A Geocacher?

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My guess is that it is more popular with older people (35-50) than the younger folks... I could be wrong.


Please don't misinterpret my age range, I'm not saying 35 to 50 is "being old"! I think your old when you stop moving!!! lol... :ph34r:


by the way, I'll be 33 this month...

just replying to the age of people I am hitting 30 this year.




Peace Star

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Well now... since my last post, we have had some minor changes... We've all went up in age! :grin::(


We have broken the 10,000 year old mark with a total of 10168 years of age over 310 people over 10 years or older for an average of 32.8 years per cacher.


If you figure all of the years into days, we come to (now get this!)

3,711,320 days total that we have all shared on this earth.


I guess that means we have seniority somewhere with something... As soon as I find out what that means I'll let you know and you (we) can cut in line and be served 1st!!! lol... :grin:


When you read this, have a good day and a better tomorrow! :rolleyes:

Okay, so these calculations are only for those 10 years of age and older. As a parent that caches alone with my 3,5 and 7 year olds I was wondering if any one else was interested in the numbers being left out (those under 10)?? By reading this thread there are alot of younger cachers being exposed as well as participating in the Geo experience. Is it possible to see either a number total and age average for the under 10 crowd or maybe a set of stats including them??? Just curious. Since I am not doing the leg (mind) work on this I will understand if this is not pursued.
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45 (my birthday is the 17th of this month... send presents to P. O. Box 11, Alfred, ME 04002) RedwoodRed;

35 (his birthday is the 23rd! 10 years and 6 days apart) Steak N Eggs

13 (going on 30 - he thinks) Red XIII

9 (and Geocaching grows on him the older he gets) Copperhead


So, as a team, our average age is 25-1/4...


Has anyone averaged the ages posted so far (including adding a year for those who posted their ages a year ago)?

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I'm 40. I'm still trying to figure out how that happened. I distinctly recall being a teenager, well hell, it couldn't have been more than a few years ago. But here I am, 40. I guess I ought to try to get the hang of it one of these days.


It isn't bad, though. I got my first GPSr as a 40th birthday present to myself, and in looking around for ways to justify it, I stumbled on geocaching. I'm getting a good deal more exercise than I was before, and assuming I don't get Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or full body poison ivy or something from rooting around in dense woods, I'll probably live longer as a result of geocaching.

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OK, no one answered my question, and I haven't taken the time to read the whole thread yet, but tonight, during MNF, I will go through the entire thread and figure out the average age of people who posted. I will do my best to impute ages for people who may have posted over a year ago. If birthdates are apparent and I can see that they've had 2 birthdays since they posted, I'll add 2. I'll post the results as well as the data in such a format so that anyone can re-compute it from the spot I post the results at a future date, when I get it all done.

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