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What Is The Average Age Of A Geocacher?

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So who's going to tally up all these posts and give us the average age? :mad:

I might be able to do that, if everyone would stop posting for a few hours, maybe days...


I'd probably lose count before I had half the numbers plugged into my calculator...

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I appoligize to all for my deliquency on commited posts... Here are the calqulations. These were tallied on all exact ages from 10 years on up.


We have 8878 years over 268 people for an average of 33.13 years of age.


WE'RE ALL YOUNG!!! lol...


Keep smiling and I will continue to average the ages as they are posted... :mad:

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Well it looks like W7WT's the winner at 80 with 3 of us tied for second place at 70.

WOW!!! I finally won something. Dick, W7WT


Contragulations W7WT! :D There aren't many caches in our area that haven't been found by Dick. Keep on caching!


Oh yeah, we're 35, 34, 10, and 10.

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Just remember your only as old as you feel

Last year I felt like I was 90. That's why I haven't been caching too often (pinched nerves). But actually only 67. Hope to get out again soon since I have been walking again and getting my strength back.

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We have 8878 years over 268 people for an average of 33.13 years of age.

Looks like we're spot on the average then. Us parents are both 33 (33.33 and 33.25 to be semi-exact!) and we cache with our kids who are 4 and 1, and 0. 4-year old has found quite a few caches on his own - bit embarassing when he beats you to it, actually! The 1-year old and newborn don't help out too much though. :unsure:

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Well now... since my last post, we have had some minor changes... We've all went up in age! ;):lol:


We have broken the 10,000 year old mark with a total of 10168 years of age over 310 people over 10 years or older for an average of 32.8 years per cacher.


If you figure all of the years into days, we come to (now get this!)

3,711,320 days total that we have all shared on this earth.


I guess that means we have seniority somewhere with something... As soon as I find out what that means I'll let you know and you (we) can cut in line and be served 1st!!! lol... :lol:


When you read this, have a good day and a better tomorrow! :lol:

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