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What Is The Average Age Of A Geocacher?

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My guess is that it is more popular with older people (35-50) than the younger folks... I could be wrong.


Please don't misinterpret my age range, I'm not saying 35 to 50 is "being old"! I think your old when you stop moving!!! lol... :laughing:


by the way, I'll be 33 this month...


I am in my 40's wth 4 kids, 10, 8, 6, & 3! And please vote for my photo entry. I have tried to put a link but I am doing something wrong. It is the last photo on page 26 of the photo's and it is entitled "If Indiana Jones was a geocacher". Thanks !

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I'm 29, but I'm not "officially" a geocacher yet. I heard about geocaching from a friend years ago and thought it sounded cool, but never took an active interest in it until recently when I happened to find a microcache while out on a walk. My one year old son was crashing through some leaves and I noticed he was kicking a small container. I checked it out only to find that it was a geocache. I got home and looked up caches near where I was walking and found out that it was part of a series, and this particular one had gone missing a while back. It was about 100 yards away from the original location, but I had no way of knowing at the time.


I've added a GPS to my Christmas wish list this year. :laughing:

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I am 34 ,when i first got into this sport i was expecting the majority of the cachers involved to be in their twenties or so. As i got a little experience and started hiding caches i kept in mind what the age group was that may be hunting these caches.In this area (the Mid South) it seems that the average age is around 40 years,in my experience anyway.

I am not seeing a lot of younger cachers like i expected,i even hid a few "younger kid " themed caches hoping to draw more to the sport,an attempt to get them interested.

Regardless of the age i find the majority of most cachers to be introverted,some just need that little extra nudge to get them to get used to you.But,you can't hardly beat the gentle nature of this sport.

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