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If you all are so good at the puzzles, can anyone help me crack the code on these ones:


GC15CMZ -- Bushwhackers' Sekret Kash


GC1GWD -- Caching At The Cellular Level


GC166NB -- Skunk Crossing Cache


GC1FK8C -- Tony Hawk Shreds Nearby


GC1F1T8 -- Doolittle's Revenge


GC1GP2M -- Stone Pillars


Any help or clues would be appreciated


Let's see.. I could give you some help, but since I own one of them and have only solved 2 of those KK puzzles, I'm not so sure I should. :D


Tell ya what though... "Cellular" and "Tony Hawk" are stupid simple once you get through the "fluff" and see the "real" puzzle. "Stone Pillars" is actually a very difficult cipher puzzle. I've even given hints to a couple who have requested and it still goes unsolved. Message me or email me directly and I'll gladdly provide the same extra hints about which direction to take in getting started.


As for the other 3... well I've got a hundred hours investing in trying to solve those myself!

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I suck at puzzles, so it's not suprising that this one has me utterly stumped. I don't know where to start... so I never have.


I too "suck" at puzzles. When I run across one I will usually spend a couple minutes trying to see if I can get it or not. If I don't see a way to work it quickly I will ignore it and go on.


However, the one you linked to, I figured out the way to solve right away. It took me less then five minutes to solve it.


Now if I could just check my results. The cache is more than 2800 miles away. :D:D


Edited to add GC number, as the link in the quote didn't show.

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