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Moving On To Bigger Things!


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We'll, it's confirmed......Yakima isnt home anymore ;) In a little over a month or so, Spokane will be the new home with a new position at the ole' work place (raise :D ) and lots more geocaching to be done. It's gonna be tough leaving all the good caching memories that i've accumulated over the years. Especially those with my cachin buddies! I mean it'd be kinda hard to call him up and be hey lets go cachin. LOL ok, ill be there in 3 1/2 hrs! LOL haha. Anyways, I'm looking forward to meeting some new folks up in the Spokane area, and possibly find some new cachin buddies.


I'm acually contemplating changing my user name, b/c Tenniskid just, I dunno doesnt seam to fit anymore :D I mean, the tennis is very few these days and the kid is about to grow up....So, who knows, we'll see.


:D Happy Caching all!!!



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