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Repeater Book?


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I like the ARRL book....because it is small. I like to keep my "jump kit" compact and easily managed, so anything that is small, but very useful, is a winner. The ARRL book is also very accurate and easy to use. The only disadvantage, for some, is that it requires a little knowledge of the geography of the area, as opposed to Mapbook. I don't really think you would go wrong with either one.

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Iused to be an over the road truck driver. And am active on 2 meters and hf. I Bought a copy of mapbook and compaired it with the ARRL repeater book. Mapbook is fairly inaccurete as to the area repeaters and PL tones as well as the repeater offsets. The arrl handbook is lots MORE ACCURATE. But it requires a knowledge of the geographical area to know when the repeater is in range.

I dont know what kind of mobile you have but a trick i used when going through a city is to scan the band untill i heard a qso. then I would monitor for a while to see if i wanted to call break or not. If I got no response I would do a PL tone scan and then I would have them and could have a qso. alot of repeaters I,m sorrry to say are not very active today and no body even bothers to monitor them. I have found that the active repeaters will have some one on especially during drive time. I have also had good luck monitoring the national 2 meter simplex calling frequency{144.520} while out in the country. I have found a lot of hams will monitor that freq and will direct you to a local repeater for a qso.

hope this helps

Skillett ;)

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The only thing about Travel Plus that I don't like is you can't update the data.


We have a database here that's much more accurate than "the league's" little book.


Also, if you're in New England/NY area - try www.nerepeaters.com - very kept up and updated.



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