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So Those Are The Bew Boys On The Patch

Desert Warrior

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:laughing: With our back to Faisal's Finger we could see them charging down on us four mounted on two grey shires. The path was not wide enough for us to pass so were we to do a Little John and Friar Tuck. Nay chivalry demanded we make room and so we pulled over. Pass they swept - Jimicah, Cowboyknightz, Abnrgrcib and Saber6. Desert Warrior turned to Dick Turpin and said "So those are the new boys on the patch".
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B) Ah yes...the new boys are on the move in Saudi Arabia. Definately got the Geocaching bug and are checking off 4-8 cache's per weekend. Was happy to see you all today and was going to mention my spotting to "Don B" tomorrow.


:blink: Will have to check your accomplishments. Having trouble finding "Zenda's Tears" and am still trying to find the Wadi entrance to "In the Valley Beyond".


Having a great time. Thanks for the note. Trying to get more of my Geoathelete Team out in the desert. saber6

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B) It took us several attempts to find the Tears. We were always too high. There is a natural path we used a tad higher than the waterfall that contours the cliff face eastwards. The cache is under a ledge below the path. Because the face is fairly vertical and accuracy not the best it can be difficult to find the right area. Once you are at the ledge the cache is easily seen. I assume the setter guessed this would never be found by a muggle. We give you this information, though the set is not ours, because allsorts has been off-air since the leader of the group moved to Australia. Members of the group however are still actively hunting.
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Would be hard to imagine that 4 searchers armed with photos and climbing for 90 minutes or so....twice....could not locate. I believe the weather took this one away. Someone will have to go, check, and tell me it is still on that cliff face before I will return. Too many other caches in the Kingdom. When I finish locating the rest I will come back to "The Tears"!


See you this weekend..."if God wills it!"

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Still working both sides of the Escarpment. The Lads ran amuck at Faisal's Pinnacle. Twice attacking the massive column with no success. Had the Muggles visited the site? Time will tell.


On top of the Escarpment the Lads placed a cache in honor of the Old Widow Hag of Kingdom and continued their frantic and everwidening search for the sacred food containers left by the ancient wise ones.


Conquering the climb to seek the Saudi Claus by taking the road less travelled they located the sacred container and continued to travel around the entire Wadi in search of treasures not mentioned by the wise sage Ionis Thompson.


Further, the Lads returned to the site of an ancient waterfall in search of the lost Pools of Isis but alas no luck. Perchance they overlooked a clue, or perchance the 12 heavenly guides did not favor their party that day. Downtrodden they mounted their trusty steeds to return to their Eskan, vowing to return another day.

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;) Deep in the bowels of Arizona in the Covered Wagon chat wandered to the new boys on the patch - From the predecessor to the Reliant Scimitar I shouldn't think so. Saber 6 may have been a make of car but I don't believe it was the origin of this name...
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Ho ho. Garry Owen or Garryowen? Fare thee well on thy quest for yee will find, out there, a lot of stones yet to turn!


And remember the foretelling of the Old Widow Hag From Kingdom "A saber will turn the stone that marks the M&Ms grave"

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The council sat in debate. Opinion was split. There were those that thought that bagging the Chameleon had increased the importance of Saber6 and his fellows as Kingdom baggers while others thought that, though the bag was important, these people had yet to show their worth further from home. However that they chose the Chameleon at all was a point to ponder, that they had done so, so quickly after it had been set and that they had actually enjoyed the experience made these very singular people indeed. The implications for a future cache that must remain safe from all baggers took a lot of talk and time. What all the council did agree that whatever the prowess of these noble squires, The Scorpion’s Sting still remained safe and would force a DNF from them.

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