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Sunset From The Cache - Please Share

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This is a picture I shot from a cache of sunset looking towards the Cape Cod Canal. That's the Sagamore Bridge in the picture, which is one of two identical bridges that span the Cape Cod Canal. I took this picture while I was out caching with my good friend, cacher Speedy38. We were seeking a few caching before attending an event on February 21st of 2006.

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Sunset?  SUNSET?  Why can it not be SUNRISE?  You people got a problem with MORNING CACHERS? 


I will not tolerate this discrimination against morning cachers!


(you have been angsterized)


Here's a Sunrise. This is at Lithgow, NSW, Australia. OK I was birding when I took this photo but I did find a geocache near here the day before and another one the day after.


NevaP, delighted that she can get photos to post again :D


Wouldn't a sunrise in Australia be a sunset in North America? :)

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A rare and stunning magenta sunset across the Bay from San Francisco, at my GC5E1F See Planes



The hood of my Liberty, near Palm Springs up canyon from my GCRWK4 Fargo


that I use for my KJ Jeep Liberty avatar.


"Sierra wave" cloud formation, 10000 feet Kings Cyn NP


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