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Sofftware Question?

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Recreational Lakes with Fishing Hotspots version 5.0 is a combination of two separate software products that, in version 4.0 and earlier, came packaged on one CD. In these earlier versions Recreational Lakes came with the entire US and the Fishing Hotspots were rather small regions such as the Carolina's and Virginia. In these early versions you would need to load both mapsets. The Fishing Hotspots maps would take precedence over the Recreational Lakes maps.


In the current version (v5.0) The Recreational Lakes maps are roughly equivalent to the old Roads and Recreation Mapsource product. These maps do not enable autorouting nor address look up but they do show roads, many trails and have good lake and river shoreline detail. It also has good coverage of small creeks that are shown as blue "roads". Recreational Lakes also has Cities and Landmark points of interest but it does not include any marine (saltwater) navigational aids. The “Fishing Hotspots” are detailed maps of many larger freshwater lakes and some larger rivers integrated with the above mentioned Recreational Lakes mapsets. The Fishing Hotspots detail includes depth contours, navigational markers, depth soundings, hazards, flooded roadbeds, marina information, and manmade fish attractors. It also includes searchable points of interest or areas called Fishing Areas. These fishing areas include tips on which species, seasons and lures are best in each Fishing Area.


I grew up fishing on Lake Moultrie in SC and have found the information listed in the Fishing Areas for this lake to be very close to my own personal experiences. The only real complaint I have is that on most lakes the Fish Attractors are not searchable so I had to go in and assign waypoints to these areas so I could find them when I am on the water.


In summary Recreational Lakes with Fishing Hotspots is your best choice if


1) You fish or boat on freshwater

2) You fish or boat on freshwater and geocache, or if you

3) Geocache in areas were topological information is of little use such as South Carolina’s lowcountry.


In my own experience, I had version 4.0 and was satisfied enough with this product to purchase version 5.0 East when it came available.


There is an online viewer available at http://www.garmin.com/cartography/


Good Luck and let me know if you need anymore information.

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