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Geo-campout Near Lake Wenatchee April 29-may 1

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So, I'm about to head off for a week of geocaching through Washington and into northern Idaho, scoring my 1000th cache along the way. I hope to visit the home turf of folks like the Barnabirdys, the Spokane cachers, and Niskibum.


I'm kicking it off this weekend with a campout at Fish Lake, which is near Lake Wenatchee off Hwy 2. GeoRoo, k7-wave, and cache ahead will be there - and we'd love to have some other cachers join us! GeoRoo is going over Thursday to snag a good spot for fishing and caching, and the other 3 of us will arrive on Saturday.


Let us know if you'd like to join us on our campout, and when to expect you. GeoRoo will post directions and details here shortly.


For those interested, on Sunday, May 1, we will head down to the Earthcache and back, caching as we go.


On Monday, May 2, we'll head up to Barnabirdy territory (Winthrop), and after that head eastward through NE Washington and finally to Idaho, wending our way back the second part of the week.


Anyone is welcome to join us, and the local cachers in those areas - we hope to be in touch!


All suggestions for my 1000th cache, either in Eastern WA or N. Idaho, are welcomed. I'm looking for something scenic, ideally with a good hike. I was going for Moun10Bike's first cache, GC25 Camels Prairie Stash, the oldest in Idaho, but he tells me it's probably not accessible yet. What's a suitably momentous alternative? :ph34r:


Woo hoo, vacation time!

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Here's where we'll be camping. There are a number of large campsites along the north side of Fish Lake, so I'll get over there on Thursday and grab one. The one I like to camp at is near the gate and at the end of the road. Check out my directions to my new cache This Old Campsite The large campsite that I'll most likely get is at the parking cords. for this cache at the end of the road.


If this site is taken, then I'll be back up the road. Very close. I'll make sure of the cords. by Th night. If you have an FRS radio call on Chnl 2. This area is all free camping with no water or power. Lots of room and good fishing in Fish Lake. This weekend is the opening of fishing season in many lakes, so I don't expect it to be people free.


I'm going to take my pontoon boat and if anyone wants to get over early on Thursday that would be fine too. I fished there earlier this week and caught and released over 50 fish, so the lake is loaded. There's a resort....Cove Resort...across the lake if you had a camper or trailer that you wanted to park with power and water. There is room for both on the north side.


Some of us are going to head out on Sunday and do the new Earthcache. There are quite a few local caches around Lake Wenatchee that are excellent caches too, so many options.



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If I am up that way I may pop in and say hi, Satuday. Was thinking about putting out some caches in that neck of the woods this weekend. As for cool caches ~ don't know your schedule, timing & route, but. . .


You might check out these: Old Chinese Labor Camp

Dew Line

Frenchman Coulee Rib

Ice Age Wonder

Washington Pass Cache

Lion Rock

You Can See Forever

Tronsen Ridge

Uncle Ed's


These are just a few of the favorites that I have done. They are in no particular order.


When you get to Idaho, Niskibum's caches are always a fun challenge.


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I'm about to head out. Hope more can make it this weekend or drop by. EGH, bring mom along!......Here's a cache that's not too far from Fish Lake that I've had my eye on. Last Will and Testament This one could be a fun day.


Patudles, I'll keep an eye open for you. That area does need more caches. I missed out on your series at Lake Wenatchee. Last week I drove up the White River Rd and it's passable to about the 12 mile point. I'm sure with all this hot weather what little snow is melted now.


Couple of those caches won't be reachable for awhile I'm sure. Lion Rock and the Quartz Mtn ones for sure. Well I don't know maybe you can now. We had such an odd winter and this past weeks heat wave might have opened up even Lion Rock. Lion Rock is one of my all time fav places to camp. Quartz is another spot with knock out views.


Better get moving here. Camp on!

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