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Explorist Clip-on Backup Battery Pack


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I've read on google that there's a AAA clip-on battery pack to externally power and charge the new explorist models. The article never specified where you could buy it. Has anyone seen this accessory? where can you buy it?. This would be the most awesome addition for those who use there explorist on long trips.

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From what I understand you can buy I clip that clips on the back of the GPS that makes connection on the power contacts where you plug your usb/data cable and supplies external power to the gps without having to plug any cables. It uses aaa batteries so it should be pretty small. I saw those usb power supply but that isn;t what I am looking for.

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I suspect it may be a clip that holds 3 AAA and replaces the Li-Ion. There is room for them and a minimal holder inside. Then it would just make connections at the same place as the Li-Ion. That would be a nice little alternative, although I'm guessing that 3 AAA's are not going to be good for too long (although the Li-Ion says its got 1300 mAh, and 3 AAA's are going to have something in the neighborhood of 1800 to 2000, I think).

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I also should revise my mAh speculations above, after someone elsewhere set me straight on the difference between parallel and series. The AAAs would have to be in series to match the voltage of the 1300 mAh Li-Ion. So their mAh rating would remain at whatever the individual battery would hold (750 mAh in this photo). That would probably result in a run time a little more than half of the Li-Ion.


However, I see there are up to 1000 mAh AAAs available at Thomas Distributing. My math brings them in at around 9-12 hours, which is about what I get on my Meridian with 2xAA.

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This doesn't look to be waterproof. I thought the battery clip on would actually be externally connected/screwed in where the usb cable connects to and leave the internal Li-on battery intact. That way you could use the battery pack as an external power source and/or to charge the internal Li-on battery. This definately not what I expected the battery clip-on to look like. I guess this would make those happy that want to get rid of the internal Li-on battery all together.

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DotCom - note that this is a homebrew version, not an official Magellan version of a battery pack. A 500 owner made this up on his own and is testing it.


Any versions from Magellan are still only speculation, as none have been spotted yet! Also note that the article you quoted from above does not state that it is an external pack, only that it is a back-up. My guess is that the Magellan version may look very similar to what you see above.


Personally, after using the 500 for 3 weeks and having a USB cigarette lighter adapter, I am happy as can be with the Li-ion battery. I can plop the unit in its cradle (swivel mount) while driving from cache to cache and use truck power to save the battery. The 15 plus hours of power combined with not using the batteries while in the truck means that I have a very long battery life. I simply turn the unit off at night, leave it in the cradle and it is ready to go with a full charge in the morning. Or, if I need to download new caches, routes, etc. I bring the entire swivel mount into the house, leaving the cord attached. Connect the USB to the computer and I'm ready to up/download. When done, I simply plug in to the supplied wall-wart and the battery is at full charge in a couple hours. My swivel mount is attached to the dash of my truck with industrial strength velcro, so it is very easy to take in and out of the truck.


Of course I don't go on extended hikes/camps out in the bush. But, I also purchased a USB charger that uses 4 AA's from Boxwave. It can be used to recharge or power the unit as well. If a long-time camper in the bush would simply turn the unit off at night and plug it into this battery box, it would be fully charged by morning. I'm not sure how many charges you would get (as I have not tested yet) but Boxwave claims 4-5 charges for most PDAs using 4 AAs. I'm not sure how the E500 battery compares to PDA batteries. Now that I have it, I doubt I will get much use from the battery box, but it is nice having it as an option.




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