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How Many Travel Bugs Can You Pick Up

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It's up to you, play the game as you like.


If the TB has a stated mission (attached to it or in the log book) and I can help it I take it, if I can't help it I leave it.


If it doesn't have a mission attached then I take it and it just takes its chances. If there are a few TBs like that they all go.


The only exception to that is a TB hotel. I only take them if I know the mission as I wouldn't want to stop them on a long journey. I usually have a look on line at the TBs that are meant to be there if I'm visiting this sort of cache.


TBs like to be moved. There have been a number of caches trashed around here so they are safer in my rucksac than in the cache. The faster they move on the better in my wierd logic.

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i agree with the 2 previous posters..tb's need to keep moving,i always take tbs unless im heading in totally the wrong direction the tb needs to go.i hate to see mine marooned for weeks and strongly believe other owners must feel the same way about theirs.

And by bizarre coincidence, I have just picked up one of your TBs!

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Noticed this cache in the longest ftf thread. It's got three TB's in it - if someone were to (finally) hit this cache, they should definintely take all three, even if they can't help directly.


As far as other finds go, we typically grab 'em if we can help, leave 'em if we can't, regardless of number.

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The sentiment is fine to take TB's to move on, but as the owner of a TB hotel I can say from experience that what tends to happen is that on average people take more TB's than they leave- when I get a chance I will do the stats. I am sure that if I didn't keep adding TB's to the hotel that for most of the time there wouldn't be any TB's there. I notice a similar thing happens to Happy Landins TB Hotel in North Wales.

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With our connections to the Netherlands we often take TB's just to move them acros the channel. As a result we take more than we leave (we often take around 4 to NL, but only manage to take 2 back). However, we feel that we can really help some TB's on it's way by getting it to the continent, which is why we do it. When we don't go to Nl for a few months we do often leave Tb's in their caches if we don't have another Tb to swap them with. Especially if we can't help it with its mission.

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TBs want to travel, so take all of them.


Maybe this that the second person to arrive on that day will be disappointed. But the same would apply to the third person if the first two people had taken one each.


The main "beneficiary" of a TB is its owner, who wants the TB to acquire lots of finds and lots of miles.


Now, if a cache has two Jeeps in it, you might want to take just one. I don't think the people at Jeep read all the TB logs :o and it gives more people a chance to get the icon.

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I rarely look at the cache contents before going caching and never look at travel bug details before setting off, if a TB has no goal with it I tend to pick it up anyway, although I do not pick up more than one.

I am also guilty of trading travel bugs :o for other stuff as I generally just move stuff around from cache to cache and rarely keep anything as I only ever pick up tat, mc.toys and the like, I never put anything worthwhile in so never take anything worthwhile out, it's just slightly better than TNLN and keeps a bit of rotation going.

I await the abuse! :o

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Noticed this cache in the longest ftf thread.  It's got three TB's in it

I admit I'm new to this game, but the North Midlands has a reputation here - aRRKX, Snerdbe and any other Cheshire/Staffordshire FTFers - I think the challenge is laid down?!? I'm happy to share the driving... :o

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Thanks for posting this topic , I just found my first TB yesterday from Holland and I noticed there are more caches near by with many TBS in them. I already plan to drop the current TB I picked up at a hotel in hopes an out of city person would pick it up because I have noticed from its logs it has been stuck in my province of New Brunswick and the general East coast for far to long.


so I now know that its okay to take more then one with in reason. I unfortunately I don't have accessible connection to check every travel bugs missions so I guess I`ll have to try my best to help it out. I can`t wait to send out my first TB or coin.

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There's a guy in Australia at the moment who picked up 28 at one go... B)


But it was good... B)


Wow! You have got to be kidding me. That is beyond reprehensible. Here the U.S. I have never even seen a cache with that many TB's. It must have been a huge event huh? Whoa.

Why is it beyond reprehensible? If he went to an event where everyone else went off without taking any and he was last to go, I can see that scenario happening. Even if not, there's no law on how many you can or can't take, so long as they get moved on (preferably quickly). Whilst it would be better to share the load with others, not everyone wants to play the TB game.

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Because the purpose of a TB is to move, when you find them you choose how many you take. If you want to take them all you do. If none you leave them. That's the rule. It's always been the rule. This has been done to death. They aren't swag so you don't have to swap them for something and you don't need to leave one in its place ...


But ...


You can do so if you choose to. If your rule is to leave some for the next finder it's fair do's and I wouldn't knock it. Mines to rob the lot. And while I'm paying for our membership that's how it's going to stay unless the guidelines change.


A TB hotel does not exist. It is a traditional cache that is named as a hotel. But the rules for a traditional cache apply to it. If it's loaded with TB's and I hit it, they are all moving on. Until the guidelines change. It's so simple it's a wonder it even raises debate. But people still put rules on TB hotels. I find it strange to be honest. It's not a difficult issue in fact it couldn't be more simple but still this gets raised almost on a weekly basis.

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This has come up so often.


Not long ago I was involved in a thread discussing TB hotels that had rules requiring an equal exchange of TB's. We had picked up 15 at a cache in order to bring them on a trip with us and I had been lambasted by the cache owner. A reviewer got involved in the discussion and the cache page was amended to remove the exchange rule.


We take many caching trips. We pick up as many TB's that we can before our trips and on our way and then deposit them at our destinations. We also pick up a lot and bring them home with us to deposit in local caches and to share with local cachers. TB's have to travel and we do what we can to help them.



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