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Alaska Geocoin Ordering Information

Ladybug Kids

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One solitary shiney Alaska dubloon arrived today here in Left Seattle - yippeee! Love the bitty coin edge inscription but not sure... After the tracking site address, there's "05B" - does that stand for... 2005 Brass??? And after that - the number "0500" - so that would be... 500, yes? Woo-hoo!!!


This sweet sparkly goes to my dd (a.k.a. Weizguyz) who just moved to Ancorage. I've been blessed with my own SILVER AK coin - compliments of dear CENT5 for whittling graphics for his Pocket Park Pool Parlor cache page, and... My dd presently has about 20 finds I believe (none as yet in AK), but I told her that for her 100th milestone, I'll trade her my silver for her brass!


Ditto BIG THANKS to LBK for all the work on these precious pretties.

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One solitary shiney Alaska dubloon arrived today here in Left Seattle - yippeee!  Love the bitty coin edge inscription but not sure... After the tracking site address, there's "05B" - does that stand for... 2005 Brass???  And after that - the number "0500" - so that would be... 500, yes?  Woo-hoo!!!



05B = 2005 brass

05S = 2005 silver


...just in case we do this again another year.


0500 is coin number 500.


Silver and brass coins both started at 0001 and went up from there. The "S" and the "B" are what differentiate them on the Alaska Geocoin Tracking Website.

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Mine came today, too! Wow, they are beautiful! Thanks for all your hard work on this! :blink::o:o


No 218 here, either, had to get out my reading glasses to see what was on the sides....cool idea!


Like the case for the Silver coin, and the nice slips you provided for the brass ones. Woo hoo!

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Mine also arrived today. Sorry, no #218. They are beautiful. The extra touches show how much hard work Ladybug Kids and others put into this venture. I want to Thank You for all the hard work and the beautiful coins. Hopefully I will be picked for the Alaska Cahce-and-Dash trip and I will be able to thank you in person.


Terrible Ts

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You folks keep up with the kind words and I'll never be able to live with the cachers who worked so hard on this project :o. I might actually have to pay them next time :blink:!


Seriously, it's been a fun project and we're thrilled the coins are being so well-received Outside (as we refer to the lower 49 and Canada :o). Many thanks to everyone, whether you bought one coin or twenty. Wish I could thank eveyone personally (I tried to via e-mail with each payment) since this project would not have flown without the support from all over :o.

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Brass & Silver Coins arrived in Portland, Oregon this week.......The packaging was excellent (very hard to pilfer when packaged correctly, thank you for that).


Did not see the elusive #218......


Ladybug Kids, you have done an excellent job with this coin....they are magnificent!! These will certainly be amongst the most valued in my GeoCoin Collection.

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Ladybugs.....where on the coin is it numbered?  I wanted to check and see if had the #218.  Thanks

The tracking website (www.log4.us/ak) and coin number are stamped on the edge of each coin.



I just got an e-mail note from a cacher in Fairbanks who has #218!!! Many thanks to all who were checked their coins and posted to this thread and/or sent me an e-mail.

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just throwing it out there again. we would like to trade coins if anyone has #686. thanks.

Spencersb: #357 would have gone out in the July 9 mailing or to one of the Alaskans at an Event Cache.


#686 went out in the July 14 mailing.


Sorry I can't be more specific than that, but we didn't track each individual coin.

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thanks very much for the info. you didn't need to do that for us , but thank you very much for taking the time to let us know. we were just hoping that we would here from the person that had it. we figured it would probably be a long shot, but we had to try. thanks again.

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I know it's been said before, but these are the nicest state coins I have ever seen. Thanks so much for the hard work.


Given the excellent detail work on these coins, I think the WSGA should switch to the Alaskan Mint for their next coin.

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Finally got the weekend's hardware problems squared away, so the second run Order Status Page has been updated. If you ordered coins after July 9, please check the page for status of your payment and shipping address and drop me an e-mail or PM if you note any errors. I'll send individual e-mails as check and money order payments arrive.


The coins should be done by Friday, August 12.

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Updated the Second Run and Gold Relief Orders webpage this evening. Please check the page and make sure your payment status is correct since there are several cachers for whom I don't have record of payment. If you paid, please e-mail me a tickler and I'll make the change in the database.


The mint's production schedule slipped and I hope to have the second run brass and silver goins and the gold relief coins for shipping by August 19.


Note that all silver and gold relief coins are spoken for unless payment isn't received. There is a very limited number of brass coins still available.

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I picked up all remaining brass, silver, and gold relief coins from the Alaska Mint on Thursday :D. I will begin the process of mailing them and will try to have them all out by the end of next week. I will add a shipping date column to the Second Run and Gold Relief Orders webpage so you can see when your coin(s) go out. I will not ship coins to cachers who have not paid, so if in doubt, check you payment status on the webpage. I have some updates to do after being on the road for the past several days, so please give me until this evening to catch up.

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