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Explorist 600 Sd Card Max Size


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It has seemed to me not wise to exceed the 64MB maximum as set in the mapsend.ini. My memory again is a little foggy as to just *how* risky it is, but it seems like the maps are prone to corruption, address searches become cumbersome, and it takes exponentially more time to generate the maps.


I'm even wondering whether it was possible to actually go higher than 64MB on DR maps. I do recall it was possible to combine multiple 64MB regions in a single file, but since you can't autoroute between regions there was little or no advantage in doing so.


Besides...64MB covers a pretty big area. I realize you may be asking a theoretical question, but the practicalities have dictated the answers in my experience. (Just wish I could remember them clearly ;) )

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so are you saying 64mb in all for total mapsize or 64mb per mapsize on the sd card.meaning we could have 64mb mapfile,64mapfile,,64mapfile and it would be quicker than 1 huge file/

The latter. You can have many 64mg map files on a single SD card.



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Each leg of a long trip can be on a separate region loaded on the Card, id imagine, and I like overlapping each region a little bit. If a trip is straight east/west or North/south, then the regions can be long and narrow making it easier. A large card will take some time to setup all the regions needed for all your future trips. I remember with Mapsend streets, I had setup 4 regions going from Michigan to Florida for those trips, and they were 16 meg regions, and I had overlapped quite a bit. This would be helpfull when autorouting with Direct Route, to auto Route to waypoints that are in overlapping map regions.

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Just about any card that complies with SD standards should work. No known incompatibilities have been identified yet (I personally prefer to stay with the more well-known brands--Cost/value is still my guiding principle, though.)


It shouldn't require anything beyond taking it out of the package and popping it into the unit.

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