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You Might Be A Geocacher If............

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You might be a geocacher if you tell yourself you are just brushing up on your cache finding skills while tearing up the house looking for the TV remote. :lol:


(feel free to substitute keys, glasses, a child's toy, or anything else you tend to lose) :lol:

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You might be a geocacher if you constantly point out cache locations while driving around town with friends or family...very irritating after the third time...or you are constantly looking for 'the perfect cache location' wherever you go.


LOL it is funny as my kids to that. "look dad there is a geocache over there"

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You might be a geocacher if after lunch you are sitting in your cube and you feel a tick crawling up your leg (voice of experience)

Or you ruined a good pair of slacks because you thought no bushwacking was involved. When realizing you would have to go through some brush decided to go ahead and find it anyway.

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You might be a geocacher if your two year old daughter wants to go "geocaching" EVERY DAY because in her little toddler brain she equates geocaching to:


1) Parks with playground equipment.

2) Parks involving really fun and adventurous hikes.

3) Crappy neighborhood parks that have no redeeming value save for the fact that she can run around and scream.

4) Parking lots of stores with lots of toys (and fun dollar items) such as Walmat, Target, etc...

5) Family Vacation.

6) Disneyland.

7) Going out to eat (we traditionally go to a restaurant to fuel up for caching). Sometimes a restaurant that happens to have a cache there, and we stop and eat...

8) Rides in Daddy's Jeep and listening to "Kidstuff" channel on Sirius radio.

9) Getting new toys or new jewelry.

10) A beach. The ocean.


I didn't realize how bad it has been getting. On Saturday she kept hollering "geocache! GEO-CACHE!" I said "well, we better go geocaching, or she'll just get more adamant about it." As I was happily grabbing my GPSr, my wife stated "by that she means she wants to go to the park. Watch this: honey, you want to go to the park and go on slides?" 2 year old: "ok." Oops. So much for geocaching passes every time toddler states she wants to go... :lol:

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