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Token Non-angsty Thread

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You are not welcome in this thread.  Please respect the wishes of the topic starter.

An official "you are not welcome here" to an innocent, completely perfect, and very nice forum member.


So typical of gc.com volunteer Moderators/Approvers/Tyrants. B)


Oops! Methinks this post is perhaps angst-ish.


In case anyone misconstrued my earlier post...


The bit about evil volunteers picking on innocent forum users was complete sarcasm, and actually devoid of any angst... or devoid of intentional angst, at least. Some private messages to me suggest some may have been angsty about all of this. I have no complaints about any moderators/approvers, other than a keystone is approving caches in the Buckeye state, which is abhorable, but OOOPS, that is angstful and a good 1200 miles away from me to boot.


I apologize for any confusion or angst, and am glad the post did not foster any other angstiety.


I'm anstful over where the heck the "edit" button went, but I'll move over to another forum with this angst.

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Since I started at the beginning of the year, I have found one cache.


Yep. One. 1. Uno. That's it. And that was in early February.


So, not very active at all :rolleyes:


{angst}(In between getting my GPS and now, I have been felled by a bad cold, then a flu, then an asthma flareup. I finally felt good enough to head out Thursday, just to not find the cache I was seeking [Nippon Hana Sakura I logged as a DNF - I will hunt you down until I find you!]. And, as fate would have it, I have now badly stubbed a toe. So, no more caching until *that* heals.){angst}


I will valiantly persevere, and strive to find Cache #2 when I can reliably walk again!


So. Yeah.


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I'm sorry to say that I haven't been as active as I would like to be. With school and everything it can be hard to want to go driving around looking for a cache after class. I also don't want to go too fast right now because I'm getting closer to 100 caches and I want my 100th find to be on Mt. Ogden Peak, and that won't be thawed out for a little while still.


I also have this fear of running out of caches that are within a reasonable distance from my house. I don't want to have to drive an hour to get to the nearest cache. So generally I do take my time with caches.

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I'm going to take some of this data and see if I can correlate it to market fluctuations in stocks and commodities. If I can get a positive correlation, I'll see about making money in the market, then write a book about my investing system and make even more money on that and retire at an early age, caching almost every day!

Of course, your increase in caching will further change those statistics...perhaps drastically...thereby blowing your cache-to-stock-productivity ratio, won't it? Imagine the lawsuits!

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