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Microcaches On Underground Metro Stations

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Recently as I waited at the bench of an underground metro station, I was playing with a film canister that was prepared for a microcache.I found out that this micro can be hidden very nice under the iron benches of the metro stations that are underground.The magnet just loves the benches down there !

But from what I have read so far, it is not allowed to place caches at places that the access is not free to all of the people (you have got to have a metro ticket).

From your experience, are there any caches around the world hidden in underground metro stations?

Thanks in advance !



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I'll bet that that style of bench can be found in other more suitable locations. I applaud the innovation of changing the altitude of the container, and just because you might lose signal on the way to the cache isn't enough to not hide one here. But the biggest negative is the terrorist behavior factor. I wouldn't do it in the metro station. Find another location that gives you the same challenges and you have a neat cache though.

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There are many caches in parks and other places that require an entry fee, so having to pay to enter the station is no issue.


I do think though its asking for trouble to place caches in these kinds of areas, even micros. As RK mentioned, they are potential terrorist targets and everything that goes on there is under heavy scruitny. Caches like these just beg for the police to be called out.


Besides, I think a train station violates the proximity to RR tracks rules.

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I noticed that you live in Greece. You likely have different constraints than those of us in the US. Check with your approver and see if there is any way that he would approve a cache in that location.


Personally, I'm not too stressed about the terrorist issue. I once searched for a cache at the top of the Eiffel tower.


The RR proximity thing is also a non-issue. This guideline was created because it is illegal to tresspass in certain areas near train tracks. This is not an issue in your case.


I would suggest that you make this into a cache where you either give the elevation, or give them directions from a certain spot on the surface to end up at the cache. Further, I would give very specific instructions as to how to find the cache once at ground zero. The more time one spends wandering about frisking surfaces down there, the more attention they are going to get. That being said, I've seen alot of wacky creatures in subway stations around the world. This may not be an issue.


You might also consider going with a micro that's smaller than a film can. The smaller it is, the less likely it will be too disappear in such a high traffic location.

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Thank you all for your respones!

I got the answer.I am not going to place anything down there.

There are also benches when you exit the stations, at the open parks right outside the exits where there is reception and no cameras to track your moves !

Yes, here there are cameras down there that record everything, so it would be quite tricky.

The bad thing is that you don't find so easy benches made from steel all over !

Most of them here in the parks are made from wood, and in some places there is steel to stick the magnets !


Thanks again all the friends in geocaching !

See U !


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