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Daily Work Gps Use


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I guess this counts because it is work, though I'm not paid. I'm a trails supervisor and maintainer for a state forest. I use my GPS to create new hiking trails and to re-route sections of trail. I'll mark a waypoint for where the trail should end, then drive or hike to the starting point. I'll then follow the arrow and flag the route, making adjustments for terrain as I walk.


I've also used it to measure trails for hiking guide books and to trace the route for trail maps.

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In my day job, we use GPS for date & time synchronization of microprocessor controlled devices in electric transmission substations.


We also use it for a VERY accurate timing signal source for precision measurements of power flow over a multi-state area.


With that said, I still think geocaching is a more fun use of GPS. :rolleyes:

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I work for an internet provider. We have 2 gps receivers to get the accurate time for our phone switches and we also run the local time & Temp. We have a gps on top of a light pole that attaches to the thermoter and is fed to a PC inside the building. Here my voice at (270) 443.5050 We also have used my gps for setting up fixed wireless customers. We go to the location mark a waypoint and then either map it on the pc or go to our main wireless antenna to see how far away the waypoint is.

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Am a wildland firefighter, specifically a helitack firefighter. I use my own 76cs, also I have a GPS III + or GPS 12 for almost every member of my crew. We use these to help us find fires, find our way back from fires, and to map fires. We carry laptops on our support vehicles with ArcGIS and DNRGarmin installed so that we can produce fire maps. This has become a cool little value added service we provide that is very much appreciated by fire management folks.

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That's so funny - we were just talking about this at bunko tonight. A friend and I were talking, and I mentioned geocaching... she said she uses a GPSr for her job at the Soil & Water Conservation District to mark ponds, etc. She didn't know there was anything else to do with it...


mwhahahaha - now she wants to go geocaching with us... might have hooked another one into the fold. :lol:

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I'm a State Police commander. Every one of my Troops has GPS in their squad cars. The GPS is connected into their in-car computers which runs a mapping program. Crashes use to be identified by street, road, or highway location. With our computerized crash reports every crash in the state is now located by GPS coordinates. GPS coords are essential for locating addresses, during manhunts, sending out calls for service, etc. Don't know what we did before we had GPS in all the cars.

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Okay, I'll weigh in here. As a fishing guide, I have all of my sturgeon holes marked so as I can select whichever one I intend to try and am able to go directly to it, then beyond 200' - 300' upstream or what the conditions warrant, and then drop anchor to slide back to 0'


Takes all of the searching with the depth finder and triangulating with landmarks out of the picture.


And no, my co-ords are NOT for sale. :o



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