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Caches Up For Adoption

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some of you may of seen this notice(or something similiar)


Adopt this Cache.....

due to circumstances beyond my current control, I'm going to place this cache and a few others up for adoption.


I will assist in transistion, and can suggest nearby spots for other caches.(I know of 2 excellant spots near this one)


Also Note that you will need to file paperwork on this cache with DCNR(office is in South Williamsport)


Thank You



All of my caches that were futher than 20 miles away from my Home Coord, I'm putting up for adoption.(I have one under development that will also be placed for adoption shortly after it gets approved), eventually will drop to 10 miles.


I am not planning on leaving Geocaching, But I want to concentrate on placing more caches closer to home.


If Anyone wants to adopt any of my caches, Talk to me.....


Caches up for adoption are, "Echos of Camp Kline"; Top of 1000 step bear paw Trail"; "River of Dreams"; "Valley View Hobo Vista"; Valley View Horse Trail"

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Maybe you should start a thread in the Central PA Geocaching forum section on the Northeast Geocaching website. Many local cachers do go there but don't read these forums.


I considered your adoption offer, but with the new ones I have planned this summer, any more would compromise my maintenance responsibilities.


Good Luck!


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