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Humerous Logs

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Any really classic funny log entries to note, I've found most just quite straight forward and very friendly, complementing the 'setter up' for his/her views around the cache site or on the way to. One log I did read that was for a mini-micro cache just off the London Underground station of The Strand. This micro was twice the size of a watch battery that unscrewed. The finder had entered the following:


Found the cache after kneeling down to feel around on one of the busiest London Flyovers in front of what must of been thousands of people and hundreds of cars.

Took one of the twenty pound notes and left a golf ball. T4TC


Great humour! well I thought it was funny.

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Just got this log on One of my caches. I got a kick out of it.


;) April 5 by pack hunters (241 found)

this was a neat area for a cache, and really is dog friendly, but the TICKS liked the dogs and humans just a bit too much, after we were back on the road the wife looked down at the dog and FREAKED OUT, you see she is a city girl and does not like things that crawel so we got off at the next exit and proceaded to pick ticks it was all I could to keep her in her clothes, I told her that people on the interstate may not understand what she was doing and may call the cops on us, not to mention the mother in law that was freaking out also and wanting to get out of her clothes, could you imaging two women running around naked on an off ramp??OK maybe it wasent that bad but we did all have the itchies the rest of the day!!

thanks for the hunt!

Took sparkle the TB

Left a chunck of obsidian

The Pack Hunters from Corvallis

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Here's the best I've seen on my caches:


September 8, 2004 by S&J (62 found)

Toadstool has long been a favorite spot for us- a multi million-year trip back in time at the end of a 19-mile road. We drove out to find the cache, spend the night, and to take the hike thru’ the “toadstools”. A few days prior to arriving, the area was hit with 4” of rain. The cache sat atop some woody stems, high and dry, surrounded by mud with a slimy make-up unique only to Nebraska. Travel wisely if there have been recent rains.

We went for a late-night walk to look at the stars and ended up in the sod house, a reproduction of the original that once stood here. While standing in the house, looking out the window and talking about the beauty of the desolation, we suddenly heard the unmistakable sound of a rattlesnake. Pointing the flashlight towards the (only) door, we saw the snake, sitting on the threshold, alerting us to his presence. Altho’ he never coiled to strike, his warning was unnerving enough for us to know that we should move on. But how? The snake lay across the only exit, with our excitable dog on the other side, and us trapped in the middle of a 10’x12’ hut. It quickly became apparent that it was the light that attracted the snake to us and that it would also follow the flashlight beam. I gave the dog a very firm “Stay!” command while S ran the light along the foundation away from the door. The snake followed but the angle of the light lessened as it traveled the wall, causing the snake to travel back towards the center of the room... towards us. After a few more well performed flicks of S’s wrist the snake moved far enough from the door to allow us our “escape”. Oh! How we laughed at ourselves on the way back to the trailer.


It would be a shame to go after this cache without allowing yourself the time to explore the area. It is both awe-inspiring and mystical. Just don’t go exploring in the dark without a flashlight and a sense of adventure! S&J, and the surprisingly obedient dog, Scarlett O’Hardin

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One of my favorites from my "Joefrog's Library" cache. Just an FYI, the "PDA" was a "Paper Desktop Assistant," a notepad that looked like a REAL PDA. Amazing what people will assume... :laughing: :


I haven't got in the habit of checking for new  caches yet. So yesterday late afternoon I noticed Library cache, and kicked myself since I live right next door. After reading the logs, nobody actually said they took the PDA. I really need a PDA. I thought I should rush over and see if I could find it. My husband was busy, so he wouldn't come, I let him keep the boy, since he is no help anyway and off I went.


My etrex put me 167' straight into the trees. I had parked in the parking lot, so after almost a mile walk in the freezing cold, I decided to follow the etrex for a short cut between the trails. Of course with the heavy trees that was probably the last true reading I could get and it was all a guess after that. (think like the frog, think like the frog, think like the frog). I don't know you, so obviuosly, I can't think like you.


I went back on the trail, the one coming from 11th, and got a momentary reading of 5 ft. up in the woods. I kept saying to myself, why is it not next to this nice big rock! Well, I looked longer than I should have, because I have found that I don't do well with the regular caches in the woods. I even had my book, which in the long run, was a huge pain in the butt. It was getting dark and I had already freaked this couple out passing by screaming into my cell phone at my husband, while being stuck in briars, "I'm  trapped here, I give up, please come help me so I can come home!!!!!" After hanging up my cell, I noticed them standing there and I smiled and waved. I just pretended to be the crazy lady in the woods. Needless to say, I still didn't find it.


The girl has come a long way since then! :laughing:

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Any log by oregone


Seriously, any one. Just pick one. Here's one I picked at random. Are You The One?

What's strange is that he started out writing perfectly normal logs and then the logs get progressively stranger.


Onset of dementia or just someone using geocaching.com as a writing outlet? I'm guessing he's just an aspiring writer and this just happens to be the medium he chose to use. :rolleyes:

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