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Resource For Determining Property Ownership


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In researching ownership of a spot I'm thinking about putting a cache on, I came across the Kitsap County Assessors Parcel Search site, where they have pan-able, zoom-able maps and aerial photos of the entire county, searchable by address or intersection, with ownership/tax/parcel data linked directly from the imaging. I was able to determine that my potential site is actually the remains of a closed road and is in fact still listed as a road by the county, even though it's basically a greenbelt. At any rate, if you're unsure who owns that cache-less spot of Kitsap land, this is the place to find out. I'm sure other counties have similar systems in place as well.


Here's a screenshot of the display of my local neighborhood:


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It's quite fascinating to explore using this sytem; there's some well-known vacant lots/open fields around here and not all of them are owned, presumably meaning they're county land. It's also funny to think that some of these owned lots have just sat there, vacant and unimproved, for 30 or 40 years, right in the middle of housing developments and such. It's just a very nice resource.

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