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Summer Calendar - When To Do Bremerton Cm 2?


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I'd originally planned to have Bremerton Cache Machine II on July 9, but I'm hoping to be out of state on a major road trip June 25 - July 10. I'd pushed it forward to July 17, but that's Champoeg II.


On June 25, SaxMan's doing his local tour of Seattle. I don't know if a CM would add to or detract from his experience.


It's looking like a good size group of cachers plans to hit Mt. Adams July 30.


That leaves June 18 or July 23, because if we push it to August, it'll be inconveniently close to the September 24 Port Angeles/Townsend CM. (Besides - August 13 is the GeoLuau, and August 20 is the WSGA summer campout).




June 18?


July 23?


Cache without me June 25, July 2, or July 9? :unsure::laughing:


August 2?

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We can't do June1-7. We're gonna be in California on a caching trip.


Add to that the simple fact that we have found a very large percentage of the caches in Bremerton, (not bragging, just stating a fact) and we will be mostly watching.


But, that can be fun, too. :laughing:

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