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Frye's Electronics, Magellan Explorist 100

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What's a "Frye's"...Where are they ?? Do they have a website..?? Please advise..Thanks.


They are an huge electronics store. From what I can tell, they don't have very many locations. They have a website (see the link) for information only about their brick and mortar stores. And, apparently they are teamed up with Outpost.com to sell via the web - where the Explorist 100 is showing for $99.


Fry's Electronics

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Fry's is not owned by Radio Shack. The Incredible Universe stores they bought may have been owned by Tandy at one time. The father had a chain of supermarkes, which he eventually sold. The sons used some of their weath to start the electronic stores. Started in the SF/SJ area. One of the Fry brothers owns the San Jose Sabercats in the Arena Football League. Look at the ads on the boards. Most of them are for computer related stuff as compared to Al's Towing, etc. in other cities.

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