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underwater cache placement?

Guest lighthouserocket
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Guest lighthouserocket

a good container is probably most important.. any ideas?... i am thinking of placing a cache in about 4 to 20 feet of water.. in a medium sized lake.. besides weed growth, water quality, boat traffic what else should i consider? zebra muscles could be hazardous also.. evil little things they are.. thanks for your input, LHR

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Guest madphatboy2

I've thought about placing an underwater cache in one of those dry bags with a rock in it. But where I am planning on setting it has no worry of muscles or boats or even weeds for that matter. Just my .02.




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Guest ClayJar

I got some metal stamps (the little bars with the letter/number on the end so you can pound characters into metal and leather and stuff), and I've got some round aluminum things. I'm going to drill a hole through the little aluminum "coins" and then stamp the final cache coordinates into them. I'll tie them to a stake or something, and when a cacher does that leg, they just take one with them. That way there's no need for waterproofing or anything, and they can dry off before entering the coords in their receiver (or writing them down). Anyway, just an idea.

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Guest DisQuoi

I recently found my first underwater cache. It was in a metal ammo box. I was surprised to find that the interior was bone dry. The cacher had placed a zip lock bag full of fishing weights to keep the box from floating. The cache was tied to a nylon cord which was attached to the roots of a tree at water's edge. See this thread for more info.

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Guest glenn95630

I think Jake is making a joke. There was a Saturday Night Live skit with three characters singing Christmas carols. One of the characters was Frankenstein who couldn't sing along but every once in awhile would grunt, 'Fire Bad!'.

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