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Groups Of Cachers

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We all know about a gaggle of geese and a herd of cattle and such.


What do you call a group of cachers on the hunt?


I just answered a question in Getting Started and, of course, that got me started thinking about this question. I'm not looking for all the other names of groups lke murder of crows, just what we should call a group of cachers.


Any suggestions?

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Thanks to KA for the Markwell to a previous discussion on the question. That thread ended just under a year ago and the default search is 30 days. Hmmm... Is there a lesson there?


I did a quick read of the three pages in that thread, but don't recall if this was in it, but I kind of like a quest of cachers.

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9 times outta 10 if we find a group of cachers, they'd be a 'waiting of cachers' as in waiting for someone find it so they can leave.

You know that if you're searching and failing and other cachers arrive, you don't want to look bad so you stay. The more cachers who arrive, the less likely you are to leave. Once you get 25 or so cachers, you want to be the one who finds it and saves the day.



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I think it all depends.....

if you come across a bunch of them on the go, hot on the hunt, then they'd be a cohort of cachers.....


if you find them and add them to your treasure of friends, then they'd be a cache of cachers.....


I haven't yet found a clique of cachers, though....with some of the threads I've seen in these forums, they're easy enough to get into....it's getting (and staying) out of them that's the real trick....



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If the way most groups of cachers I've seen hunt a cache is normal, then a 'trash' of cachers seems about right.


Unfortunately, that is true -- cache-hunting 'wagon-trains' can be fun but there IS such a thing as too much of a 'good thing...' :):)


But it is a fun, social hobby/sport/pastime/game all in all -- I vote for 'Quest' or 'Destination'!

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Well, what would you call any gathering of "GEO" objects (thinking rocks and dirt, etc). It would have to be a "Pile"


Then of course, since they are all walking circles around the cache (as they are searching), we could call them each a "Satallite", thus leads to the tangent question... what would you call a grouping of satellites?

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