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Geocaching Dogs-- Catchphrase?

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I want to make a dog t-shirt for my geocaching dogs, but I can't think of a good phrase (or image and phrase) to put on it. Any ideas?


I'm probably going to make this on cafepress and then buy them from myself there :laughing: (unless I can find a nice cheap dog t-shirt to use my iron-on templates with...)


All I could think of was "OFFICIAL GEOCACHING DOG" but that's not that interesting or funny or anything... <_< If I can't find anything better I'll just use that in dark green with a stencil font :D


ETA--- Like this:



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A dog (Head only?) with a piece of tupperware in his mouth.. duh.. ;)


You could even take a real pic of your dog with piece in his mouth and have it done.


"Tupperware never tasted so good"

"Finding Tupperware in the woods never felt so good" (Human version)

"Beating cachers to Tupperware since 2000"


Tupperware is a registered trademark of someone's (Proctor&Gamble or Dow?), so you may either not want to use it, or if you don't plan on making profit from the shirts, then I say go for it. Print a little ® by it.

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Ha...me and my cacher friend love her little geopup(which we call her).So I have a perfect phrase......"Geopups the new Tinkerbell".I hope you get it...like you know Tinkerbell is like USA's fav pup cause shes Paris Hiltons little pup but Geopups are in.Well heres a pic of my geopup(hasnt gone caching yet but thats ok).HOW CUTE!!!!!!



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Ok sorry to revive an old thread, but I just came up with one I think is cute...


I have come up with this one, what do you guys think?




I also thought of doing one that says "Dogs (heart) Geocaching" with the heart in the colors of the geocaching.com logo (not the symbols, just the colors) but I wasn't sure if this would infringe on their logo copyright or something so I didn't put it up...


I also thought of:


I find it

They log it

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I think a Geocaching dog HELMUT would be more appropirate for my do Seamus. He hit a barb wire fence face first doing 90 last Saturday while out caching. No harm done though.



I'm in it for the cache

or as seen on a human shirt

Will hike for cache


If I had opposable thumbs I'd be signing the logbook



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"Finding caches doggy style."

"GPS? Dude, just follow your nose."

"Official Cache Sniffer"

"Oh look, another ammo box.... FOR ME TO POOP ON!"

"Micros are for Chihuahas"

"Geo-dogs do it in the woods"


Ha ha ha. Sorry, I just had to laugh out loud on that one.

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