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Manchester State Park Cache


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As a lot of us are aware, there is only 1 cache in Manchester State Park.


It was placed last July, and has been found 3 times. I haven't gone over there and hunted for it, cuz I'm cheap, and don't really wanna pay $5 to look for 1 cache.


But, whattya think of putting together an excursion sometime in May to go look for this one? Sort of a Manchester State Park mini-machine?


With 5-7 in a vehicle, depending on the capacity, several cachers could find this one without everybopdy having to pony up the $5 extortion....uh, parking fee.....uh, day-use fee.



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I am certainly interested. Just like you I don't like to pay the $5 to hunt for a cache. Now that I won $5 at the Spring Fling, I would be willing to take a group in my Land Cruiser. Some might have to ride in the back as I am not about to install the third row of seats. I would also be happy to pay for the parking. At the end of World War II we came back to Puget Sound from Okinawa via Hawaii and were tied up at that dock that is still there. It was the USS Posideon, ARL-12. If it is a night hunt count me out. I have enough problems in the daytime. Dick, W7WT

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I'd be real discreet going after that one. I'm pretty sure it doesn't have permission to be there and there was a HUGE flap about 2 1/2 years ago about caches in that park. Ranger 'Dick' was outraged that there were caches in 'her' park and said they would NOT be tolerated. Maybe we're lucky and she's retired now.

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I had the impression that the owner had permission to place this one. When it first appeared, and then was promptly disabled, I e-mailed the owner.


He/she said that they didn't have the permissions, but were working on it. Now, re-reading the logs, it appears that Moun10bike re-enabled it. I thought the owner had.


Also, this owner had 0 finds logged, and only the one hide. Further, the owner hasn't been on the site since February.


I don't know if "Ranger Dick" has retired or not. If she's the one I'm thinking of, I haven't seen her in a while. Occasionally, I will see a blonde park ranger at the Manchester Post Office. If that's her, it's been some time since I last saw her.


So, with all this in mind, I think I'm going to drop this whole idea, and lock this thread.

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