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Help!!! What the heck is a radian???


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Ok, we're still new to this cool sport but we're stuck. A cache we're trying to find is listed in radians. I've searched the message boards and even the FAQ's and glossary and can't, for the life of me, figure out how to convert it. I'm blonde, so a little challenged. Please help if you can.



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It's really quite simple.


There are (2 x pi) radians in a circle, such that:


1 radian = 180/pi degrees, or:


1 degree = pi/180 radians, or:


1 radian = approximately 57°17'44.9".




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[Edited typo—I meant " instead of ' for seconds above.]


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Ok, now that I'm even a little more confused! lol I think I need to rephrase my question. How am I supposed to convert radians into waypoints I can send to my GPS? Not too great with math, so a simple explanation in laymen's terms will do. Thanks for the previous help to those who responded!

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Radians are handy in calculus and that's about it.


Geo Strider is on the right track though. You need to pose your problem so we can take a look at it and then tackle solving it. Radians dont' translate itno WGS 84 latitude and longitude. So we need to see the problem.



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''The first coordinates are as follows and are in Radians:


N 0.83493264 W 2.13319203 ''


So, ok, you know that in Mill Creek north Latitude is going to be 47 degrees and some minutes and west longitude is going to be 122 degrees and some minutes, so experiment around with Rich in Nepa's figures until you find the right fit. Or do like I did, grabbed my teenager and had him work it out for me.


After you have degrees in decimals, you will have to times the decimal portion by 60 to get minutes, thus 47 degrees 51.xxx minutes




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For my own sanity, I kept all figures in decimal format, which returns the answer in decimal degrees. The GPSr can convert them back if you just enter N DD.dddd and W DDD.dddd.


Using the Webster figure of 57.2958 deg/rad, just multiply that by the north clue-->0.83493264 rad. The rads cancel and you're left with decimal degrees of 47.8xxxx.


Same with the other. 57.2958 deg/rad x 2.13319203 rad = 122.2xxxx degrees (rads canx again). Dimensional analysis seems to indicate that these are correct, with minor error because Webster's radian may be truncated.


Gosh, if this is right, maybe they'll give me my high school diploma after all these years.




OOPS--adjusted the figures to not give away the entire answer. Sorry.

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