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Young Families and Geocaching


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My wife and kids are very excited about starting this new adventure. Is there any place where I can seek out other young families that have been doing this and interested in this and that may have any advice for newcomers with young kids?


Miami, Florida...looking to meet other families via email/forum.




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Great question... We're newbies and we've got a 5 and 2 year old. We will be going on a 2000 mi trip soon. We're about to see how this works with the kids. They already love scavenger hunts, so I suspect this will be a blast once they figure out what it's all about.



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Check some of the logs from caches in your area. Look at the 1/1 rated ones first. You'll find some other families. Not all geocachers read the forums.


Oh yeah one more thing.


HAVE FUN!! icon_biggrin.gif



As always, the above statements are just MHO.


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Log on first, and then get a list of sites near you with the zip code. Then look at the logs in the nearby sites and you will find a number of families in you area doing exactly what you are doing. And you can reach them directly by clicking on their name which brings up their profile and on the profile there is a "contact another player" line. Click on that and you will get an e-mail format so you can contact them directly. I've gotten a lot of good advise from my neighbors and have avoided some of the problem areas. All of the other players I have contacted have been extremely friendly.

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I think you've found the place. We (myself and two sons) started geocaching about a year ago when my boys were 7 and 8. We established a family friendly rule that if one of us is tired or not interested in continuing, we would all head back to the car. We only had to do it once.


My limited experience has lead me to conclude that biting bugs are way worse than terrain or weather when it comes to spoiling the experience.


As it was mentioned before, have fun...you may be ready to find another but the little ones may not.



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My kids Miss Pumpkin (age 6) and Curly Tiger (age 3 1/2) frequently cache with me. Each has now logged over 100 caches. Some suggestions:


  • Bring "alternate transportation" - a wagon, stroller, etc. You don't always need to use it, but it's nice to have handy for longer hikes.
  • Bring plenty of snacks, drinks, sunscreen, and insect repellent.
  • Don't push the kids too hard. Plan on a "Playground Cache" or two. If they get tired, call it a day.
  • Use caching to teach about "fairness" - Is what you're putting into the cache "fair" compared to what you're taking out?
  • Teach the kids to identify poison ivy.


Start with 1/1 caches, and work your way up until you find the limits of what your kids can easily handle. Don't be afraid to abort the hunt if it ends up being more difficult than you thought.


Most of all, have fun!



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As you can see by my user ID, I'm a dad, a dad of two young children, 3 and 19 months old, and they love going geocaching (or as they call it, hunting treasures) We have a jogger/stroller that is very durable, we go on fairly rough paths, we can do up to a 2.5 terrain usually, though I prefer to do 2 and under terrain wise especially if I'm alone with the kids.


ummmm....not sure what to say here....so ummm, well errrr, uhhhh, well I guess that's it.

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