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Do Famous People Cache?

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Wink is a big fan of puzzle caches... that figures, given that he is a quiz show host... whereas Storch prefers virtuals. Interesting, both are famous but you couldn't find two people with more diametrically opposed approaches to geocaching. I guess that's one reason why the sport's so darn popular, you get to choose how you play it.

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There are 634 virtuals in California alone. If Storch chose to geocide before finding them all -- and he most certainly didn't find them all -- well, that's his prerogative. Just because he couldn't get a 635th one listed doesn't take away from the experiences available to those who choose to seek the ones that *are* listed.

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I would also call Jolly B Good "famous" and so do those prior threads.

Being famous is overrated. I've spent some time talking with Jolly as we approached a series of caches from two separate directions. We had a nice chat somewhere in the middle. The conversation was about geocaching and was quite interesting. We didn't talk about work since that would be like talking shop. We continued geocaching that day knowing that we were both in for some interesting finds yet to come. Fame puts you there where things are hollow.

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Wellllll...... I hope to 'accidentally' be caching in the woods, where they're filming a movie near my town... I will 'accidentally' re-seek a cache I've found already, and hopefully 'accidentally' meet Sandra Bullock (who will be in the movie). Then I could purposely show her what caching is! Of course I would have to accidentally slip by the set security, too. Hmm.


This cache is basically on the movie site.



They're building a house for the movie on this county-owned lake; cache is about 200meters behind the structure, if not closer.

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Hey, I'm famous, I just was in the newspaper:





If being in the newspaper qualifies, then I guess my dog and I are famous, too! :lol: We were in the Chicago Tribune once...



(3-4 year old bad bad photo of me)


Hmm I guess my dog is more famous than me though because she was also on Animal Planet (K9 to 5 tv show, she wasn't the focus but she WAS shown several times...) :D

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Here is a list of famous geocachers:


Famous Geocachers


I'm not sure what else they do.

Hey! I've signed a log behind a few of those!


I guess that's my brush with geo-fame :lol:


Actually, my REAL brush with fame was at a restaurant in Fort Payne, Alabama.

The waitress seated us and Randy Owens & Teddy Gentry from the country group Alabama was at the next table!!



Signed autographs for us and thanked us for being fans! B):D


D-man B)


edit:(If you don't know, Fort Payne is their hometown)

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No, I don't think that they do. I have however heard a rumor that they do in fact pull their under drawers on the very same way that I do. That makes me feel very special. Just the thought that Jennifer Lopez squirms into her under drawers exactly as do I....makes me sweat.


But wait!!! Do you suppose that Jennifer and I have magically shared the thrill of cramming our hands into the very same recycled peanut butter jar? My heart be still........I must excuse my self for a moment.

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According to a Geocaher in my area someone from Motley Crue and Queensryche are Geocachers.

Tommy Lee filmed in Nebraska for a reality show this past year about him going to college. I don't remember his name on cache logs (although the name would likely be something not recognized). If him though, I would be happy if he found one of my caches. I was not keen on the idea of the show when first advertised, but he apparently took it seriously, the producers assured not to make us all look overly silly, and he gave back to the community while here by meeting with local musicians and school kids etc. I ended up impressed. Of course the show is not released yet, so hopefully that won't change my impression when it is (it is slated for a summer run I think).

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I used to 'dig' Charolette Chruch does that count as cacheing with her? :D


Then again, Im just 22 ... so maybe....



Wink Martindale Geocaches? I wonder if he ever finds any Dragons. (Que Twangy 1980s pseudo synthesizer music)


Not surprised that Wheaton caches. I never knew who he was. He made appearences on "The Screen Savers" a couple of times, so I knew his [for lack of a better word] 'geek' level was high.


I wonder if they leave headshots or something as swag.

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My personal experience with Geocaching and famous people.


I went to Louisiana to meet my mother and brothers for the first time in my life in December last year. While there I got my brothers interested in Geocaching. So when we got a chance we headed out to a park in Zachary Louisiana. There we came accross a closed road with security standing by. We told him what we were doing and he let us by. Why he was there is because they were shooting the movie Dukes Of Hazard. They were using the road and park. The cache was 500ft away from Jessica Simpson and Jonny Knoxville. We seen the movie sets and everything it was so awesome.


I wonder if they cached while on break?


Heres one in the that park:



Heres the other:



So I got that close to Jessica Simpson and Jonny Knoxville. I still to this day LOVE that security guard for letting us go in and watching us hunt around while he stood there with this look on his face of total dis believe. But he liked the idea once we found the prize.

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Hmmmmm, maybe:


Heyyyy is THAT a travel bug?

I am surprised you got close that close to him, let alone get him to hold a TB.


Great pic! You a fellow nitro-nut?


(btw I am a BIG fan of his!)


For those of you familiar with Chicago Talk Radio, WGNs' Spike O'Dell is a GeoCacher...


He left a pair of Cubs(I think) tickets in a cache once.

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