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New Tnt Article On Geocaching


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There's a new article in the Adventure section of today's Tacoma News Tribune. Unfortunately, I can't find an online version to share with you, but the article is pretty well written. Local cachers mentioned in the article include El Pepino, GEMs, Jagsound, Jeremy (of course), and a couple of cachers mentioned by their real names only.


I got started in caching almost 4 years ago now due to an article in the TNT. We've come a long way, baby!

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Is it out of forum to say there was also a quick mention of geocaching in this months backpacker magazine? I dont have it anymore but it was in the question and answere section. The question was what is the deal with geocaching and the answere could have been a little nicer I thought.

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The way I understand it Jagsound (Jon Graciano) is friends from church with the brother of the reporter & an old friend of mine as well. Jon referred the reporter to me. I did an on over-the-phone interview. I referred him to Rudy Fyles (Mountain Mule) for pics at Pt. Defiance Park...he is very photogenic and they turned out great! Especially the one on the front page!


Cross Roads Coffee Shop is the coffee shop mentioned in the article.

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