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Caching On Tv - Revisited

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Box, as in TV as well as cache - geddit?


The BBC POINTS WEST regional news TV programme, shown on BBC1 in the Swindon, Bristol, Gloucester and beyond area, will be doing a follow-up feature on the geocache they hid with The Wombles near Swindon. It's due to be screened on Friday night (15/04/05), some time around 6.30pm, I believe.


The cache has been visited 20ish times since Dave (King Womble) Edwards and I were filming with the Beeb in mid February and I think the photos from the cache-cam will be shown too. Did you visit it? Perhaps they'll show you!



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Box, as in TV as well as cache - geddit?

Can you hear that sort of gentle whistling of the wind ? And I think I see a tumbleweed entering stage right... :huh:


Otherwise, congrats. I'm still trying to get a digital version of my appearance on local French TV last month. My kids want it because it provides a number of excellent views of my bald patch.

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Glad you all enjoyed the update. For your info the names I mentioned were Joe Murphy, PikPilot, Portapig and, as has already been mentioned, Canadians, Bluelamb.


Trust me though, as a muggle, it is hidden better than it looked on the screen! In fact, it's back in the same place as when Paul & I hid it originally. We just couldn't fit the camera in the bush this time!!


My third post, I'm going to have to buy a GPS receiver at this rate......

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My third post, I'm going to have to buy a GPS receiver at this rate......

Come on over to the Darkside, you know you want to...... :lol:


We don`t bite.... (Well only if provoked) B)


It starts with a Yellow Etrex, and before you know it, you`ve got a top of the range GPSr, PDA with Mapping Software & Road Navigation.


:D Addictive... Nooo we can give up anytime we like.... honest... Ohh okay we can`t.



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Watched the BBC points west programme and the caching article this evening - Wow we got a name check, scrolling past on the screen! As did the Wobbly Club, Third Degree Witch, Olivers Army to name but few that I have heard of and can remember.....


Very glad our picture wasn't shown as in true cache cam style it was truly awful.


Great piece though from Gowenhouse on local caching and promoting caching as a hobby/way of life.... Nice to put faces to some names as well....

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I reckon the photos of the cachers on the website are fake as they are the best set of photos i've ever seen from a cache camera. If they are not fake, then where do you get them developed? ;-)

The last set of photos that I got developed, only 2 were actually printed. One was black and the other was a photo of black branches.

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It wasn't well hidden and we though that that was the intention so that those tempted for that first expedition wouldn't go away disillusioned - so we left it 'almost' as found. What we saw on the TV then was true, it was just 'left' and not buried under a 'twigwam' B)


It should be safe but we will take responsibility for a replacement if it gets rumbled before its next find.

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