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Lowrance Ifinder Go

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Does anyone have any experience with the ifinder go.
No, they're very new and this forum is pretty much dominated by Garmin owners.

Visit Yahoo iFinder forum for more advice.

It looks to be a too good too be true deal.
Lowrance makes very good, high quality GPSr's. They don't spend much, if any, on marketing. Hence their low price and market share.
Bass pro shops has them for 79 bucks.
TigerGPS has them for $69.
It looks like it has nema in/out too. the pc data cable is kind of expensive (39bucks).
These units do have the standard NMEA serial interface, but that's all. You can not use a PC to load data or maps to these units. Another reason for the low price.
The maps look cool too.
They probably have the highest resolution (200x140) of any unit in this price range. However these are just base maps (Highways, exits, and major roads only).


It is a great unit for the price. Just remember its limitations.


I hope this was helpful, reidster.

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I have not used a GO yet, but I have worked with the iFinder Pro and iFinder H2O. Both are not bad for the price. These (unlike the Go) have MMC cards which you can load data to or download data from. They are very awkward to get to (inside the battery compartment behind the batteries), but this is done to maintain the waterproof integrity of the unit.


Many people will tell you that for the money, the eTrex yellow is the way to go, but these units work just fine.

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Nope there isn't any sort of "hidden catch". The iFinderGO is a great value. And if you think the basemaps are nice on the $69 GO, for just $17 more the iFinder GO2 has twice the memory (64mb) and enhanced basemaps


iFinder GO: iFINDERGO_screen.jpg iFinder GO2: iFINDERGO2_screen.jpg


Pretty good for $86 eh? The GO2 doesn't have a PC interface cable either. But for a casual user this shoudn't be a problem.

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