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Florida Geocoin Design Ideas

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Ok, I have started working on some ideas for a Florida Geocoin. Any talented geocachers can post or forward me their ideas as well. I grew up in Florida

and wanted to get a coin going for the state. You can e-mail me at

foster33@sbcglobal.net with ideas and I will post my own starting ideas

when I get a chance. My front idea was the shape of the state with some color

and text, back ideas included the space shuttle, everglades, a gator or maybe a Seminole indian (not pushing any football teams, just things the state is known for).

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This has been discussed on floridacaching.com before and I think it ended up getting put on the back burner this year to help support GW3.


I think its a great idea. Maybe we should get people to submit designs and then everyone could vote on it.


I don't think the Groundspeak folks would let us track them through geocaching.com, but I know other states have tracking systems set up through their state websites. I am sure we could do the same through floridacaching.com

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Grounspeak now allows groups to track coins on GC.com there is a fee, and they have specific requirements on the tracking number that of course limits who can produce the coin.


The tracking price is not unreasonable, and the engraving price isn't out of line for any one coin maker. When you combine them though it's 2.00 to 2.50 extra per coin to make tracking work. Tracking a coin also eats up coin real estate. You ned up with one side or half of one side to explain where to track it at. Leaving at best a coin and a half for state logo's and art.

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First of all, that is where I am from. No, I don't live there anymore, but nobody wanted to step up and do it. If they don't want me to do it, I won't. I am trying

to promote caching, no matter what state it is in. It is such a great alternative to the other options that kids, families or adults have to choose from. Enough said.

Coins seem to make people more aware and usually spur more events.

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I believe the cachers of Florida will gladly step up to the plate and produce a coin which represents our great state at the appropiate time. It is not that we haven't stepped up to do it we have just set up priorties to when we would do it. As me of you may not know we are currently in the process of setting up a statewide geocaching association. as soon as we have some structure in place so we can can a represenative voice from cachers across Florida things like coins and other promotional items for Florida Cachers will follow.

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Tracking a coin also eats up coin real estate. You ned up with one side or half of one side to explain where to track it at.  Leaving at best a coin and a half for state logo's and art.

You can also have the tracking information engraved on the edge of the coin by some mints, leaving two full sides for state-related art work.

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