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Travel Bugs


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I like the postcard idea!


I've also seen TBs which ask you to add an item to the TB (such as ST's wine labels, and a scout troop's badges TB). You could do that with postcards, but then you'd have to get the TB to return to you.


Postcards are easy enough to get hold of in most places in the world (I've even seen postcards of Slough!)

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God I wish I could insert links like everyone else

All you need to do to add a link is click the "http://" button above the text window and copy and paste the URL into it. Thenk click OK, add a name for the link (such as "Link") and press OK again. :D


I knew someone would help :D





You can find out about inserting links using the Search feature and much more by clicking the "Help" tab at the top right of the page

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So what happens when a Travel Bug meets its goal in life?


I have had one for over 18 months and am insufficiently imaginative/motivated to come up with a mission and attach it to something.


There's always the adoption agency known as 'Ebay' if you're sure you dont want it anymore



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There's always the adoption agency known as 'Ebay' if you're sure you dont want it anymore



Good plan - lets see if I can get on eBay!


Edited - (Some time later!) It was easier than usual. Am I the only one that only gets onto eBay UK 1 in every 10 times that I try? Anyway, I have listed the travel bug, some logbooks, pencils and labels. Everything must go in my quest for a 60CS!

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