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Your Next Caching Experience

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Well, my next caching experience will be maintenance. I need to replace two log books that are full, completely replace a cache that got wet, check one that was reported wet, and trash out expired coupons from another one. I'm making the new log books as soon as I find my containers again. (My mother moved them)


Here's what I want you to do. Whatever your next caching experience - may it be a micro at lunch, cache maintenance like me, or a twelve mile hike in the woods - post here something positive about it. No complaints. No arguments. Just happy caching stories. Enjoying caching because it's caching and that's it.


I don't care if you go tomorrow or the weekend or whatever. We'll keep this thread going for as long as it can go and just build on happy experiences. It's started now, so starting as soon as someone gets back from caching we can post here. The key in this is finding something positive in whatever the next experience is.

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Well if the weather is nice I hope to get a new one hid next week and within 3 weeks the second one that will be a nice 5 x 5 cache. Then its summer hiking season starting in May and lasting until October and time to get back up some of those big hills and do some much needed cache maintenance. Ammo cans at $3.95 ea. are crying place me some where.

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Pre-emptively posting, we're going to Seaside, Oregon, this weekend, for a little R&R. Caching's not the object, though I have several TBs with southbound donations that'll make the trip, so I'll need to find at least a couple in which to drop them off. Mainly, it's going to be hanging out at the ocean, smelling the salt air, throwing a frisbee in the wind and rain, flying kites, and probably drinking more than is strictly necessary... but hey, that's why it's called a vacation. I can't wait.

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Smkjmpr1s truck is in the shop so I have to pick him up from work. I think I'm going to suprise him and take him to a urban cache he wants to go to. I know its raining but I know he wants this one bad and he will use my car to get it while I'm sleeping today before another 12 hour shift. I don't want him caching without me. :laughing:


A couple who caches together stays together :(

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Well, here's what I did LAST weekend:

What a day for a cache run! And what a crew we had!


Met at 7 a.m. in Attalla for what turned out to be a 23 hour (for me, more like 30+ hours for the Nashville folk!) cache run.


The HoundDogsTCB and RCnP clans led Team Fling - N2CachinTogether, BackBrakeBilly, BetterHalf, TheAlabamaRambler, SassieLady and Johnal around Rainbow City for some great caches before we headed 100 miles south to the Spring Fling event.


BUFF (Big Ugly Fat...Fellow), my Suburban, died while passing through Birmingham, when we were very fortunately able to coast into a gas station, get it running temporarily and make it the 3 miles to my house - what a convenient place to break down!


I jumped in with BackBrakeBilly and off we go to a great event, the AGA Spring Fling. Lotsa great people, food, caches - just a perfect event!


We hooked up with Team STFU -- Southpaw, Mosestron, Jaypea, ScootTheFrog, and Monkeybrad (They SAY it stands for Scoot The Frog University, but STFU!)


Moonsilver, WheresDiB and CheleMyBelle joined us and we're off, caching our way 50 miles up I65 to Birmingham, where we cached until 5 a.m.


We got 70+ caches, a new record for finds in one day in Alabama!


Cache owners will find a single log in their cache - Team Fling or Team STFU, but multiple individual logs online - that's because we had only one person sign so as to not fill up logs and also to reduce time signing each log.


Thanks to all who participated - this was fun!


So, when's the next cache run?


Today I am placing 5 EVIL micros.


Tomorrow I am caching with friends in and around Birmingham!



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Lately, like since a spring break trip in March, I've not been finding many caches. Instead I am hiding new ones, and doing spring maintenance checkups on my existing hides. Each and every one of my caches has been certified spruced up and ready for the spring and summer crowds! My next planned activity is to hide a two-step multicache on a new nature trail near my home. It has a "catch" to it and I am looking forward to stumping or entertaining the finders. I've scouted the trail and I traded "permission for the cache" for "I'll clean up the litter on this trail every time I walk it." All's I need to do is hook up my new laminating machine and learn how to use it, then prepare the containers. :D


There will be plenty of time for finding caches when I feel like it.

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My next caching adventure will be in Houston TX this weekend, where I will be visiting family, and taking my brother, sister and their kids out to cache for their first games. I haven't been to Houston in 20 years, and am much looking forward to caching fresh areas where all is new.


So I posted an inquiry on the Tx forum, asking for the best 'Wow' factor cache locations, the type that make even a local say 'Cool. I never knew...' The discussion was moved to the TX Geocaching.com forum, and the responce was so warm and fuzzy, I'm all verklempt just thinking about it!


Twice, right out of the box, them friendly TX cachers wanted to turn my humble visit into an event. (I would've loved that, but the nature of my visit makes family time too important, so I had to reluctantly pass on that idea.)


Then, through forum respoonses and PMs, I now have a list of more than 40 Wow caches, and it's still growing. The locations range from forest to swamps to folk art and sculpture installations to cool buildings, monuments and even a beer can house. There are several that were suggested because of the unique hide or container, with little or no detail (of course.)


One cacher, ParkerPlus, even contacted me by phone. His lists are most intriguing. I will only be in Houston for the better part of 5 days, 2 of which are planned family events. Then I will pack up the family and haul them around Houston and Galveston and seek as many of these fun games as they will let me.


Texas here I come!

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If nobody's snagged it by the end of the week, I'm going to poach a TB out of one of my own. But I always feel funny doing that without swapping it for another TB, which I don't have. I have an unactivated one that I've been meaning to place, but I have to find its activation code and make it a page and stuff.

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I've recently placed my first cache. After a year of caching I felt that it was time to give a little back to the community. I plan on scouting a couple more hiding places and getting a few more out there.


Also, this Sunday is our first Cacheversary and we're thinking of trying a difficult puzzle cache. Nothing like driving yourself crazy on your Cacheversary - after all, going crazy is half the fun of Geocaching!

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Today I'm going to find 2 new caches. Then I'm going to try and find an old Elevated Railroad that somewhere in the woods on NYS DEC property. It was part of an old Psychiatric Hospital that dates back to the 1940s. Should make for a great cache location. If I can find it.

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Last weekend, I took my son and one of his friends caching. We went to a spot and found three caches. I have been to this area before. There are three caches within a half mile (all on one ravine). (All three were first time finds for the boys.) The amazing thing is the new cache is near a building and next to an abandoned graveyard and I had never seen either before (even though I have been within a few hundred yards of both many times). A wonderful experience.


Today, I sent out some FTF certificates for some caches I hid two weeks ago.


This weekend....who knows what the future holds! Probably paintball one day and caching the other!

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Well, I scouted out a good spot for a new cache on the way to work this morning, and I think I have the puzzle all sorted out, but I need to actually make the cache for it!

Once the "Beta" testers are done with the puzzle and the actual cache is ready, I'll submit it. It'll be my first here in the Dallas area.

I also intend on getting the travel bug for my Alien Artifact cache altered and sent back to Vegas tonight so that cache can be re-activated.

Oh, and I might run out at lunch today and find a cache.

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My next caching adventure is this "Cachin in Fashion" Event Cache.


I just started this sport/activity/hobby/obsession, so I'm looking forward to meeting some of the real heroes and heroines of the sport here in the San Diego area.


In fact, if I can pick up just seven caches between now and that night, the Event Cache could be #100 for me, and that seems a worthy goal. :D



Edit for punctuation . . .

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Last weekend we went on a little excursion to a very small Indiana town for a multi-cache. It was the only cache within miles that I had not found and it had been freshly unarchived. The weather was warm and the sun was shining and we spent a very pleasant few hours wandering around town - a town we would never have bothered to stop in otherwise. Got in some nice hiking and found the cache. Took an Iraqi dinar with badman Saddam's face on it. Had lunch at a local diner and returned home. Yeah, that's it. That's plenty.

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In two weeks I'll be leaving on my annual trip to West Texas. I've made this trip 16 times but this will be my first time as a geocacher. Driving one way 1600 miles alone is extremely boring but this year I'm going to cache along the route. I have approximately 75 caches to hunt on the trip, including a Project A.P.E. cache, a Letterbox, I'll add another state where I've found caches, and I'll be away from my everyday life for two weeks doing something other than working. Can't wait to leave!!! :D

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Just got done checking my central Michigan caches. Every spring I pray to God for my caches surviving the winter. I got very lucky. I had to replace the logbook in two micros (one was full the other was damp). Moved one cache because I found it floating in a puddle. My other 6 regular size caches held up rather well. Last year I had to archive a multi (all three stages were destroyed) and a traditional (washed away by the spring floods). This year saw no archivals, I am pleased with that. My northern Michigan caches will be next to get checked on (four caches that are pretty old and have survived winters before). I feel pretty confident in them, since they have all been found recently and no reports of damage!

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My newest piece of caching excitement is that while I don't get the 16th off, I don't go in until 4, which leaves me plenty of time to get to the CITO event, work my but off, get home, shower and change, and then go into work.... PLUS, Next week's schedule is finally up and I actually got the first day off that I requested out of about ten requests. Which means that I get to go to a second CITO event AND celebrate 5k+ with SouthPaw afterwards!


I better stock up on soap!

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Last night I did maintenance checks of nine of my caches, two needed new logs and two containers needed to be replaced,.


I try to respond to logs on the cache page for help, but that does not work the way it used to with folks not logging for a couple of weeks before returning home from vacation to log problems they found .


One thing I have noticed more of is empty caches, I mean bare nothing let in them at all, and everyone doing a TNLN “What happens to the Stuff” oh yea they say cool cache and all that but no ones talks about taking anything out anymore. I guess this is what kinda fuels the micro caches those owners don’t have to worry about trade items any more. I will keep restocking my caches, because they reflect on me as a cache owner, but again do folks not care any more like they used to log taking stuff .


Still had a great time, they were easy finds I knew where and how they were hidden Heeee Heee , and no I did not log them as finds just notes.


This weekend have two CITO events and one 5K for Southpaw event to attend and plan to do maintenance checks on my caches at a local Army Corp of Eng. Property doing a seven mile hike, they don’t get found that much, and should be OK, but need to check anyway …… JOE

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Well, I didn't get to do that seven mile hike Joe illuded to (I would have joined him, too, if I didn't have to work)... Had yesterday off until four so I had time to CITO and get to 400 on the way home by following AbbysGrammy (I thought the CITO would go longer so I didn't think I'd have time to cache on the way there or back and didn't bring cords.)..... Today I'm celebrating 5k with Southpaw and the gang.


Great fun was had by all...

Cache maintenance on monday night, though. No biggie..

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5,000 caches! Way to go SouthPaw!


Sorry I couldn't be there!


I'm BBQing today with the family; I'll toast your accomplishment with a cold glass of tea!


I co-hosted what turned out to be a great CITO yesterday, I made a Paperless caching presentation and then led a wagon-train to 25 caches, all new to me, so that was fun.


I love this game!


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We're hoping to get couple of Caches today, including one we've been waiting for months for the snow to melt so that we could get to. I get off work at 3:00, and then we'll be heading out for a few hours of it.


We're heading to Oregon week after next, so I'm hoping to hit a couple on the trip, since we're doing it in two easy legs.

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Today my husband and I drove about 75 miles from our home to check out some campgrounds on Lake Texoma. We found some beautiful campgrounds (and gas for ten cents a gallon less than we've seen it in two weeks-even though we drive a hybird, we are always happy to find cheap gas). I couldn't resist a couple of caches, but stuck to the virtual caches because of time constraints.


One of the caches was a virtual that led us to the birthplace of Dwight D. Esienhower. It was a gorgeous place and my only regret was that the house was closed for tours today and we couldn't go in. We walked the grounds and had a lovely time.


The second cache was a a virtual that took us to a beautiful "memorial park" for lack of a better term. It was a bricked-in garden-type corner on the old Main Street. The garden area held a simple but beautiful fountain, a monument to the importance of the railroad in the development of Texas settlements (really makes you think how far we've come in only a little over one hundered years), and an eternal flame memorial to servicemen and women everywhere in appreciation of service of their country and support of our freedoms.


I have to say, this was an unexpectedly uplifting pair of virtual caches that really made our day brighter. Thanks to all geocachers for all you do :unsure:

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