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Another Cracked Screen


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I decided to put my GPS gear on eBay, especially since someone else selling a GPS2+ got £72. No lectures please, I already know how eBay works!


I got the eTrex Camo out of my coat pocket, where it resides in its case. Some time ago I had cracked the screen when I wedged it between the dash and the windscreen in the car. Those lovely people at Garmin fixed it/replaced it for me FOC so I was really pleased. I thought that I would just give it the once over and make sure that it was clean and looked like new. I just could not believe it when I looked at it and found a crack in the screen. It has always been in a protective case, never been dropped, never left anywhere really hot or cold or in direct sunlight. My jacket is always hung up on a hook and never used as something to sit on when I am outside. I was absolutely gutted, especially as I am trying to get the money together for a 60cs.


I have never heard of the eTrex screens cracking. Has anyone else experienced this?


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Not me. Mine (an Etrex summit) swings from a lanyard round my neck, gets stuffed in pockets, rucksacs, sat on, dropped, left on dashboard (not when parked, just in the last few miles before I get to a cache so it has a chance to find satellites) and generally abused.


No sign of any damage. Can't believe how unlucky you have been.

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