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What Do You Tell Landowners?

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We are wanting to place caches on a couple of private properties in our town that have historical value (one is one of the first oil rigs in our area and is now an offshore museum), one is a shrimp boat in the center of town (on neutral ground) and the other is a mardi gras museum. I'm going to talk to the mayor of the town just so he is aware of what the deal is in case a question arises later. My mom was left with 'ummm...." from the rig museum owner and I'm worried about the same for the mardi gras museum. How do you present your 'case' to people that really have no clue and it looks like to them, you are just a bunch of grown adults that have lost their minds? ROFL

We have a great multi-cache planned and are excited about it, but are at a stand still now until we get permission from land owners.

What can we say to make them see how wonderful this is and can be for our community? They are trying to get ppl into our community in the downtown area and this would help with that!



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Mayors set the tone for the city when it comes to caches. If the mayor is on board then the city managers who run the parks, zoo's, and museums, will be more disposed to giving permission. However in the end it's those city managers who do give permission and that's where I'd go for it. Sometimes I've told them what I'm doing and how many people I expected to visit and the increased visitation sold them on the cache. On others who were leary I took them caching, they had fun, and that smoothed the way for permission. The approach adapts to the personality of the person I'm talking with at the time.

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I would make sure no matter what you do to insure that there will be minimal impact to the property. Let the land owen know this and then make sure on the web page you communicate the importance of not impacting the property and behaving properly while on site. We can be our worst enemies when it come to showing the public how bad geocaching can be.


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I am a hypothetical cynical non Geocacher Land Owner in a litigious world. I would be concerned about exposure to an insurance claim by that "bunch of grown adults that have lost their minds".


And in the real world I don't think a liability disclaimer would give me any peace of mind.


You would have to show me there is something in it for me, or why should I accept the risk?

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In my experience . . . you have to "SELL" the idea. This is done by looking at the thing entirely from the other person's point of view (not your own).


What are their goals, their fears, their perceptions and their expectations - you must tie your objective directly into these points. What is in it for them - their income, their prestige, their security in the community, their ego and their pride.


To find the answers, simply ask . . . people LOVE to talk & often their favorite subject is themselves and their own ideas, it is just a natural thing.


Geocaching has a lot of positive characteristics to help sell it such as revenue from tourism, CITO, maturity of players (family people), voters who play, low impact on environ. How can these or other ideas fit into the decision-makers outlook?

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Sometimes, all you have to do is explain what this is all about.


I have one set up at a local business. I talked to the owners, explained what the game is, and what they would be seeing when the loons came out to hunt.


They thought this was the coolest thing they had ever heard of. Somehow, living in an area that is thick with caches and cachers, they had never heard of Geocaching.


Anyway, they were all for it, and watch that cache as if it was their own. When it needs maintainance, they contact me toot-sweet. If the paint needs to be touched up, they do that for me, on their own. And the employees think it's hysterical.


So, my point is, sell it to the PTB. Make them think that it the best idea they ever had. Involve them in the cache design and placement. If they have a vested interest in it, they'll be a great help later on.

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I'd also be sure to note what these 'crazy adults' really are like. Generally Geocachers are going to be respectful of their surroundings and their enviroment.


You can also flatter the land-owner by suggesting the spot is so unique and that Geocaching is all about sharing great places you might not otherwise see. If your placing it outside of a museum or something, comment on how well you think the grounds are kept and want others to appreciate ithe area as well.


If your able to tie the cache in to the museums theme somehow, they would probably appreciate it as it may increase interest in the museum to cachers who seek your cache.

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I prepared a little brochure that tells them what's in it for them. Land owners, especially businesses, look at the bottom line. I always make the point clear that I want it to be a good experience for them and I can remove it at any time if they aren't pleased with the attention they may get. I think that is a big help because they may think it is there forever.

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i send the landowner infrmation including my estimate about the traffic. i can make guesses based on similar caches in my area.


i describe my intended container and its contents. if there is a puzzle involved, i describe that. if there's a particular reason why i want to use that property, i explain it. some landowners are happy to have you place a cache if your view of the property fits with theirs.


i also tell them a little about who will be coming. sometimes i give examples with specific cachers that i know to put a more personal face on it. i find this helps a little.

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