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CITO 2005: Photos Photos Photos


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I invite those who have participated in 2005 CITO events to post just 1 or 2 representative photos for the community to see.

;) Show off your best shot! :blink:

Give us the cache name or waypoint # ... and a link to it. That way we can see all the rest of the photos in the galleries.

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At the Hay Creek Block Party an engine block was removed from a stream and hauled up a steep enbankment. In addition to the usual collection of trash. While we have may not removed a large amount of trash this was one of the most technically challenging removals. Involving a jeep with a whinch, tripods, and come-a-longs.


The engine block hanging from the tripod like a prize salt water trophy fish.


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My log for the MOOG Hwy cleanup:

LOG & Pictures

And the best Pictures are:


Swolf12000 holding parts of his truck that he "misplaced" during an accident in January along this stretch of hwy. With James of JNC and Raynebeau to his right. Sorry about the size!


Swolf12000, Claudia of JNC, Dean and Raynebeau haveing fun.


The group heading down the hillside to find the 93CacheNFish cache. Fishermen had rigged old electrical cords and ropes to stumps in order to get down to the bottom of the hill and back up. The RR tracks aren't used regurly and definitely not by anything high speed in case you wonder. :blink:


15 bags were collected by 7 people in the 3.5 hours we worked before other commitments ended the cleanup.


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We pulled an unbelievable amount of junk out of a steep ravine at Millcreek Earthworks Park in Kent, WA.

The final count was 3 sofas, 1 fridge door, 3 shopping carts, a TV, 2 mattresses, 3 car bumpers, 13 car tires, 2 truck tires, 45 phone books (which sure are heavy when they are soaking wet!), and countless wrappers, bottles and cans. We filled over 30 large garbage bags.

There were 16 of us, I think, and we spent about 3 hours there. We all went to lunch afterwards...it was a fun day!






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Nebraskache Wilderness Park CITO


We had 17-18 show up on a rainy early morning. Then the sun and ticks came out later. Ticks are everywhere, I see log after log mentioning them! It was a good trash pickup day regardless. :laughing:


Our group:



Parts of a computer monitor were found:



The smallest CITO cachers who picked up trash the whole way!:


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The NNYGeo CITO Event was well attended (for our neck of the woods)...a few shy of 20 people were there cleaning and caching and accruing some good karma for geocaching in the Adirondacks and across the world. We had a mix of geocachers and people who saw a press release in some local papers and wanted to find out about geocaching. There was a TV reporter (Thom Hallock from WPTZ in Burlington) who shot video for a piece on Monday, and a reporter from the Adirondack Daily Enterprise who will be featuring geocaching and the CITO event in an article next week sometime.


We collected a bunch of regular campsite-style garbage as well as: a gallon or so of broken glass and rusty nails, a big pile of roofing shingles and tarred roofing material, and tons of large and unwieldy rusted metal from the woods (nobody was hurt in the process of collecting all of this).


anyway...my favorite pictures (so far) from the event...






I hope everybody participating in all of the CITO events around the world today had as much fun as we did!!!



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Here are a couple of shots from the GOWT CITO at W.C. Johnson Park and Peterson Lake Nature Center in Collierville, TN this morning. There was a lot more trash collected than what is visible in the photos. Don't know how we managed to arrange for all the people but not all the bags to be in the scene. :laughing:






The Collierville Parks Department keeps their parks as close to immaculate as any parks in the country. We had to venture into the wetlands/swamp on the park's periphery in order to make the impact we wanted. It didn't take long at all to realize that was where to find plenty of styrofoam, aluminum cans and plastic bottles -- and an old car battery.

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Really tough to find one shot that does justice to the work LIGO did today. I think this is the best one we have. That's a 20 yard dumbster we're leaning on filled with non metal debris. Behind that is at least another 20 yards of metal debris that will be recycled. I was very pround to be a part of this group today.


Here are the rest of the photos: CITO Photo Album

BTW, that's not even half the group. I think we had nearly 50 people participate.

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Since ED seems to be reserving his editorial skills for other efforts, I'll proved a little background on this shot from the Pleasant Grove NC CITO Event 2005. The Alamance County Parks and Rec. System has been very supportive of geocaching. They asked why no caches were hidden in this park. Rldill, the local master hider replied, because of the Closed Sunday/No Tresspassing Signs. Oh those, they replied, toss them in with the trash! ;)

About 50 cachers from 4-64 showed up to fill a dump truck and a pickup. This is an old discarded scoreboard we pulled out of the woods, brushed the dirt off and made into the logbook; everyone signed it with chalk before it was tossed into the truck.

The final score was NCGA-1 Trash-0. :D

After the clean up as we dispersed into the woods to find the five newly hidden caches, the maintainence worker asked Roger-'I hope they aren't going to get any more trash, are they?' ;)

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A group of GGAers cleaned up a ridge in the Low Gap area of NE GA. There were about 25 total attendees of this CITO event. Not all were present by the photo time below.



Mtn Man & Dougs94 unload one of 5 trucks full of trash at the local dump


In total, we CITOed about 90 tires (a few with rims), a washing machine, a dryer, parts from old cars such as fenders and a bench seat, 3 or 4 tube type TVs, a recliner, water heater parts, a fire place insert, 2 toilet fixtures, 4 mattresses, 3 roll away bed frames, a regular bed frame, a satellite dish and its cable, flower pots, paint cans, a rocking horse, a garbage can, and probably at least 60 bags of general trash. Our group accomplished this cleanup in about 5 hours.



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In total, we CITOed about 90 tires (a few with rims), a washing machine, a dryer, parts from old cars such as fenders and a bench seat, 3 or 4 tube type TVs, a recliner, water heater parts, a fire place insert, 2 toilet fixtures, 4 mattresses, 3 roll away bed frames, a regular bed frame, a satellite dish and its cable, flower pots, paint cans, a rocking horse, a garbage can, and probably at least 60 bags of general trash. Our group accomplished this cleanup in about 5 hours.



You don't look like you were working so hard ;) .

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Thanks Allen ;) The OP said YOUR Pix. Aside from using the group shot that had everyone in it, I only included a photo taken by me. Perhaps briansnat could have clicked on the event page link and looked at the photo gallery before insulting me????

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Hey RCGDS (River City Geocaching and Dining Society)... thats some serious CITOing... pretty impressive. SEPAG hosted our CITO yesterday... had several people to help and collected lots of trash from along a small section of the Schuylkill River in PA... had some good lunch and a good chance to see old friends and to meet some new ones. I think some of the participants will be posting some photos.

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You should have your local organizations submit some of those pictures to your local newspapers.

A reporter showed up to SEPAG CITO at Black Rock Sanctuary - April 17th. After taking our information, he grabbed a "blaze orange" vest and joined us cleaning. Of course he took pictures and geocached with us after also. Not sure what paper he was with.


{Edit: Apparently there was a pre-CITO mention in the Pheonixville News and the article can be found here.}


{Edit 2: The article is posted here!}


Loitering Before With Food!







Loitering After With Food!


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The New York Capital Region Geocachers CITO event was at Schodack Island State Park on the Hudson River. Over 40 geocachers attended and it was a perfect day weatherwise. We CITO'ed 140 tires, several drums, and many bags of assorted garbage. The Hudson river flooded 2 weeks before the event which added to amount of garbage to pick up. The park staff was very helpful throughout the day. After a few hours of work, we all had lunch and then hit the 4 caches on the island.


NY Capital Region Geocachers CITO Event Page


NY Capital Region Geocachers Webpage





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4/23/2005 Cito and Come Meet The Frog LIGO CITO event was not as big as the one we had last week at the Edgewood Preserve but we worked hard despite the rain, the cold and then the humidity.


Here is a group shot:



and the trash haul:



There were actually more bags left around various garbage cans in the park not to mention the fact that the park could still use some clean up.


I hope I don't forget anyone but thank you's go out to JoeFrog, Miamc, Squealy, Macatac, Silvermarc, dboggny and his son Harry. If I missed anyone I appologize.



GPS_Dave, Sue and Joey too!

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GCN9WC 2nd Czech CITO Event - Kralupsko


Woods and trails cleanup close to the city of Kralupy, 20km north of Prague.

The City Hall provided a tractor with a driver, we filled two trailers:



A sample of trash we have found: leftovers after cable thieves, who steal the copper cables, clean off the isolation and sell the insides.



A "memorial sign" at the hiking trail post


"This area has been cleaned by geocachers, please don't dump any more garbage here"


Short picnic after the cleanup:


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On the way to the GGA CITO event I realized I had 3 famous people associated with geocaching in front of me, so I took their picture. 



I would bet that ClayJar wins the prize for the person who drove the furthest just for the privilege of going repeatedly up and down a steep hill to roll tires, to conquer a Borg cube (might have been an old stove actually) and extract a nuclear reactor core (or it might have been an old style top roller clothes washer, we were not really sure what some of this old junk was).


He drove from middle Louisiana all the way over to NE Georgia for our event. :anibad:


We have better trash in GA! :lol::ph34r:


Added: AllenLacy, RobertL and I went back this weekend and hauled 6 more truckloads of junk to the landfill/recycling center. We ended up with 15 truck loads of various junk hauled off for disposal and recyling.

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First Russian CITO event in Yaropolets, around the manor of XVIII century. The buildings are mostly ruined, and the unique 2-dome church built by the famous Russian architect Matvei Kazakov is abandoned and in very bad condition. The whole complex with beautiful old park and the cascade of ponds (where beavers live) makes great impression. Besides, there are remains of the first Russian country hydroelectric power station which was built by local engineers and peasants in 1919 with a dam and a waterfall.


Unfortunately, no one take care of this historical beauty and the region has been polluted with enormous amount of trash :laughing:


A team of Russian cachers spent about 6 hours doing CITO around the church and in the park. It was quite cold, rainy and sometimes snowy. The snow carpet melted about a week ago. However, we all enjoyed this meeting and did much on cleaning the territory.


Dynamic links aren't allowed to include a photo in this posting, but click this URL to view a picture of two youngest cachers doing their work in the park :laughing:


Click here to view the photo


More photos available at the webpage of Russian CITO event here and here. (Sorry, all text is in Russian).


The Yaropolets cache webpage with some interesting photos is available here. And click this link if you wish to view the photo gallery of the manor, the park, the church, ponds, waterfall, etc.

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