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Ok, it's a neat TB but for the life of me I can't figure out what t has to do with sig items. :anicute:

Hey Team Nazgul,


As the TB moves aroud, people have a chance to earn a new pin.


From the "About this item:" section of the travel bug page.


"To reward those who make a substantial and timely movement, a signature "I helped the movement" travel bug pin is in the works."


Here is a link to one of the Sig items that I have been known to leave in caches around New England.


First To Find Only a few have joined the Gold Club so far.


Once I finalize my idea for the pin and get a hard copy, it/they will pictured on the TB's page.



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Okay, now, that's cool! Sadly, it sounds like you're going to hop it a long one at the beginning, which doesn't do much for MY prospects.

Don't worry AW,


Long Hop + Long Hop = Round Trip


I wouldn't launch this one without giving my friends and neighbors first crack at it.



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As the TB moves aroud, people have a chance to earn a new pin.

Heh, thanks for spelling it out for me. Apparently the "cache blindness" that I occasionally suffer from also applies to travel bug descriptions.

No problem, It happens to all of us. I'll bet the mods were ready to move the post out of the TB section at first glance.


Estimated launch date is the first week in April.



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