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Where to get ammo boxes / stickers


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Can anyone suggest the best (aka cheapest) place to get ammo boxes online?


I live near San Fran if anyone knows of any stores, too. I've checked a couple Army outlets and they have told me that the ammo boxes are hard to find. Something about a goverment conspiracy to destroy them.


I like the ammo boxes for their weather-proofness and camoflauge.


Also can some one suggest some of the various online resources to get Geocaching stickers to label caches? And I guess... also microcache labels? Logsheets? Etc.


Any info would be appreciated! Thanks.


The Robot Family

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I just scored at my local second-hand store.


Not ammo boxes, but cookie tins. I bought 5 with good tight lids for a dollar. Not quite as durable and weatherproof as ammo boxes but a whole lot cheaper and easier to find.


A little dark green and brown spray paint and I'm ready to go.



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I'd also recommend cheaperthandirt.com.


I've ordered several times from them - no problems. The only downside is you'll soon find your mailman delivering various survivalist catalogs (as it looks like they sell their customer lists).



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