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How To Convert Degs. To Decimal Point?

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First off, the 303 degrees doesn't make sense, from a geographical point of view. Latitude should be in the range -90 to 90, and longitude in the range -180 to 180.


To convert to decimal we need to go in two steps.

First, convert the seconds 39.34059 to minutes by dividing by 60 to get 0.6556765

Add that to the minutes to get 30.6556765


Now convert the minutes to degrees by dividing by 60 to get 0.510928

Add that to the degrees and you get 303.510928

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Thanks for the advice.

This is actually a bearing given in a geocache. GCNBJ9

It was given in an odd maner and I though that was sort of the way it was done but I had not added the seconds to the minutes before converting the minutes again.

There was also a typo in the answer I posted above but thanks again.

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Answer is different by about .33 km depending on whether you use a spherical approximation or the real geodesic distance. That's a long ways. It is especially funny given the absurd accuracy of the projection distance (to 1 cm).


Doing projections over such a long distance is a tricky thing unless you are very specific about what model parameters you are using for the Earth.

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