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What Happened To Nroute??

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I have searched all over the garmin website and cannot find the link for the main nroute program. I see that there are numerous links for language file updates for many different languages, but I can't find the main nroute program any longer. They seem to have removed it from the downloads page. Does anyone know about nroute?


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Thanks for the link. It is for the language file for the English version but it says to make sure that the main nroute program is installed first. Does anyone know about how to get the main program? Is it no longer a free download?

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What is Nroute used for. I just got a 60cs and didn't read anything about this program.

It's a Garmin program designed for their GPS-18 'mouse-type' GPS receiver which is used on a PC laptop together with CitySelect (and other) maps to give automatic routing including voice directions and reroutes.


It also works with other Garmin receivers, incl. your 60cs, when connected to a laptop but you need to have some appropriate Garmin MapSource maps loaded - CitySelect would be recommended for the autorouting function.


However, Garmin apparently discovered a significant problem with the latest release (which added multi-language support) and has withdrawn it from their website. Normally you can find it by looking under firmware updates for the GPS-18 Automotive bundle. A backup copy of the various versions can be found at:

http://www.gpsinformation.org/perry/msource/ toward the bottom of the page.


2.1 would be safest until Garmin issues a fix for whatever problem they found with 2.3.

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