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The Ultimate Map Of New Zealand


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If you've never seen Tumonz go to www.tumonz.co.nz and have a look.


Tumons is a vector map of NZ with all the data from LINZ.


I have started using Tumonz for geocaching, it's very handy as you can go to specific coordinates then add an icon precisely on those coordinates and add a description (ie memo) to that icon of unlimited length.


I have started adding icons for the canterbury geocaches, if anybody is also doing this perhaps we could build a repository of these icons, as tumonz allows you to export them from the software as text files.


A repository would be best as this would mean people could update the caches description if anything changed and then we could all download the updates rather than everyone maintaining their own descriptions.


Another possibility if asking tumonz how we could create out own Mapbook for tumonz specific to geocaching.


Just a thought

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Hi Schmoo,


you'll find that a lot of the NZ geocachers hang out at the forums of www.gps.org.nz rather than here, and that there has been extensive discussion of TUMONZ there. I only have v1.95, but I believe that with v2 they introduce the ability to import GPX files, so it should be possible to just load the results of a pocket query from geocaching.com straight in to achieve what you want without the labour intensive manual entry of the waypoint information.

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I can confirm that - TUMONZ is a great tool just loading in a GPX file from pocket queries. Combine that with www.wherearewe.co.nz and it's sweet!


I've got GSAK set up to go into wherearewe when I dbl-click on a cache entry, and use TUMONZ for plotting a large area of caches.


Schmoo - try www.nzcaches.tk as well. It's also got the wherearewe link as well as the standard cache page link. Can't recommend that site highly enough! :(




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[edit2: more speeling...no use, too tired, going to bed! ] :D

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