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Mapquest Feature Changed?

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I have been waiting to see if there is any discussion on this, and I'm wondering if I just might have missed a thread on this.


I used to love the Mapquest maps offered at the geocaching pages, but now it seems they no longer offer a map *with directions* by longitude/latitude? With the growing number of people using these in their cars (and caching)....could this be possible?


I can get to the original page with a "picture" of a map from the geocaching cache pages, but I can't seem to get it anymore off the "Directions" page. Is it just me?


If it is lost, it appears this is a Mapquest problem, defninitely not a geocaching.com complaint.

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Yes, the driving directions from coordinates feature is gone, and yes, you missed some threads. See this topic, for example.


You can still, however, use MapQuest to pull up a map using Latitude and Longitude coordinates. See this post by Markwell in a thread about maps 'n coordinates from earlier in the week.


If I Markwell to a Markwell post, is there any sort of special bonus prize?

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