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Selling Some Gps Kit

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I am seeking your advice on what I should charge for the following. Normally I would look on eBay but I am often unable to get onto the site as usual.


I have the following items. All in excellent condition, well looked after.


Garmin GPS2+

Swivel mount

Handlebar mount (Unused)

Serial data cable


Garmin eTrex Camo (less than a year old)

Serial data cable


Y-cable converts either of the above serial data cables to data/power cable


Thanks a lot



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Thanks a lot. I will put it all on eBay and see what I get.


When I finally mnaged to get n the site last night there wasa GPS2+ that had got to £50 with 15 bidders and a day left. I can't get on now to see what it is going for.

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