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The Critical Mass Cache Bash

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:) Calling all Cachers!!! :(


Ratty & Son and The Cache Hoppers have joined forces and are holding an event cache




This will be held at the AWE Social Club, Burghfield, Reading, Berkshire on Sunday 1st May, commencing at 12.00 noon. We look forward to seeing as many cachers as possible at this event. For more details and information as it comes in, please click the link.


:(http://web.onetel.com/~shellsteven/geocaching/event/ :P

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:rolleyes: Grub details now available on the listing (and associated webpage). It's simple fare, but very reasonably priced. More news .... there's going to be a raffle (with a very nice first prize, but it's a secret!) - proceeds to cover the cost of the venue and hire of a bouncy castle for the little 'uns (would imagine there will be some not quite so little 'uns wanting a go on it!). The new cache will go live in the morning for those that would prefer to go find it before lunch. Check the website for a complete schedule of events. :rolleyes:
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List of all those who have signed up so far, in no particular order ....


Ratty & Son

The Cache Hoppers



Ann and Brian


Headley's Hunters


Beds Clangers







Phillimore Clan

Dave, Rosa, Adam

Cryptik Soul Crew


The Dewdrops



Looking forward to meeting you all. Last minute sign ups are allowed! We need a rough idea for numbers for food - but it doesn't have to be spot on. Check out the website for all the details.

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Hey Dewdrops ... thought you had enough beer on Sunday celebrating your Oracle find! How many DNF's was it you logged on there?


Oh go on then why don't you... :lol:


Actually I think we have been to the Oracle around 5 times since we started caching, always parking on the *th floor!


1st page on GSAK looks so different now :lol:

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;) Nothing seems to have been posted here since the event although there have been lots of postings on the event listing .... so ..... just to let anyone who is interested know - we had a BRILLIANT TIME!!!! It was a great day, lots of happy cachers, cheap food and booze apparently (couldn't confirm that on the booze cos I didn't buy any drinks - my only pint of cider was bought for me). It was really great to meet cachers we had only read about previously and the sun shone on us all day so we didn't need our anoraks! Well done Ratty & Son on the associated cache "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" - congrats MarcoXono you madman going out in the middle of the night to conquer the cache and claim an FTF. Good effort UKGeoCyclist - you were early ... but not early enough! Incidentally, the couple in the car are still there! Don't know what I'm talking about? Then check the listing for the associated cache! Well done Belplasca on winning the star prize in the raffle. Thanks to everyone who came along. Hope to see you at another cache event soon. Best wishes, Liane, The Cache Hoppers :ph34r: Edited by The Cache Hoppers
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Well done Belplasca on winning the star prize in the raffle.


Err, yes, thanks! Now I really will have to plant a cache! But with so many other people laying great caches for me to beta test, it's not been a high priority to me ;)


But I really did get the lucky raffle tickets, didn't I! I think my numbers came up four times in all, though I only took the one prize that I wanted!


So thanks everyone for a brilliant day! See you all again over the next Bank Holiday weekend?


Bob Aldridge

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Yes, thanks for the event - Jackie and I enjoyed it very much, even if I didn't feel like being too sociable. I have not posted before, but am now feeling much better. I still have a bit of a temperature, but my head no longer hurts so much!


The raffle prizes were great. Jackie has been after a lanyard for ages - and that ready made micro. Anyone who has done the caches I own will, like me, be wondering what the Hell I am meant to do with something that big! ;)

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Thanks everyone for a great day, we enjoyed meeting up with you all. Oh and Chester asked me to thank you all for making such a fuss of him, I think he really enjoyed himself, but I'm afraid he will have to come home on Friday so if you haven't logged him yet, be quick.

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Reading all your comments I am so sorry that I missed this do. :D


All I can say is that my compensation was in sitting on the patio with my visitors, my eldest son, who I see only ever so often, and my Bro-in-law and sis-in-law B) , my wife :D and ma-in-law :) and consuming 3 bottles of cava, roast lamb with a bottle each of white,red and rose, and 3/4 a bottle of port and a Hamlet :laughing::DB)


....and I shall miss the Binfield do being on an aeroplane to Seville to visit with said b-i-l and s-i-l who live part time in the Sierra Aracena (cacheless :D ), its a hard life.............

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