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Last Chance For Name That Film Contest!

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Hello Geocachers,


Just re-posting here for those of you who may not have seen this post earlier:


NomadNora from the University of Southern California Geocaching Documentary crew here, asking for your help. Our 8-person crew has been shooting a 26-minute documentary on geocaching all semester. We've got great footage that we can't wait for everyone to see, but we still need a name for the film. And who better to name it than the people who know the most about geocaching?!


So, I'm hereby announcing a NAME-THAT-FILM contest. The winner gets a free DVD and/or VHS copy of our 26-minute film, a dedication cache named in his/her honor, a credit in the film and most importantly, our eternal gratitude.


We can have a title/subtitle combination, or just a title. But the word "geocaching" should be in there somewhere. Also, remember that this film will be seen by people who have never heard of geocaching before.


Please post your suggestions by Monday, April 11.


Thanks, everybody! :(

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Geocaching: Rediscovering Earth by GPS




Geocaching: The Rediscovery of your Earth




Led by the love of the Search - Geocaching




Wherever we walk, we seek


and lastly;


Geocaching - location, location, location


Just some thoughts from Team Singchihuahua

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blazerfan, I like yours, but I like this tweak alittle better:


The Hidden World of Geocaching


The Secret World of Geocaching


Geocaching: The fun is in the hunt!


Geocaching: Using satellites for everyday sport.


Geocaching: Using billion dollar satellites to find a super ball.

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Geocaching: A Good Walk Improved

There are tons of great ideas here and in the other thread (I haven't even read all of the other thread), but I LOVE this title. I don't think it's too much of a Twain rip-off (He said "Golf is a good walk spoiled," for those who may be wondering).


While I'm thinking about copyright issues, keep in mind that the word "Geocaching" is Jeremy's registered trademark.

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