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As the biggest critic in the forum on a previous discussion, let me be the first to congratulate geocacher.co.za on an excellent job done with his site!


It exceeded all (my) expectations and incorporated all viewpoints (negative and positive) and is definately something you and SA cachers can be proud of.

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Again thanks! I have tried to make the site so that your site and mine complement each other. Like this we get more across to the people. You should look into a clickable map like Buxleys! :laughing:

Any other info you have let me have it and let me publish it. Let’s get some true South African Guidelines on the site and some good stories and geocache endeavors!

See Rodney’s hornet story! (it must of hurt :ph34r: )We need more stories like this.

I you guys agree please send me your details so I can put it in the GASA regional pages. NO email addresses, we can put the geocaching.com usernames and people must contact us through the Geocaching website.

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:laughing: Hurt? you have no idea. Call me the Geocaching Crash Test Dummy. Glad to contribute though. I will be getting new webspace soon and then I will link to both geocacher.co.za and GlobalRat's page (which I said I would do ages ago). I think it's great that there are so many South African web sites dedicated to geocaching.
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Congrat's on getting RSA on the map.


A few comments though.


I am battling to register as a member. I get an error every time I click on "submit"

(I have e-mailed you my details though)


I have been to the shop, but when trying to buy more than 1 item it bombs out.


Not wanting to be too critical....but...I suggest you check your spelling & "English"


"Is free and only "rules" of the association are "

"Our Geocaching logo are a tribute to "

"Geo Ettiquatte"

" GASA is a informal "


Keep up the good work !!!

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Thanks for the info. I will get the small glitches sorted out.

Remember a van der Merwe is Afrikaans” soos min!” SO the spell and grammar checker of word and frontpage is not working properly! Will have to contact Mr. Gates!

The shop page is still full of glitches. Sorry I would have liked to have more time to sort it out first....

Just email me with your info and we will sort out the selling!

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I just spoke to the people at Setcom that does my shopping basket. They have a problem on their side with the "keep on Shopping" button!

You can still add multiple items but you will have to click on the back button to get to the previous page for now. They assure me this should be sorted out soon!

(I have e-mailed you my details though)

I have not received any email from you yet! Please resend if you could to info@geocacher.co.zaor to vansubsea@yahoo.com



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